NPC corporation size and extent

So what’s the penalties involved in dealing with a “size = small” + “extent = global” NPC corporation for missions?

Penalties are running missions that are against other empires if you care about that. IE. Some missions for caldari go against gallente or minmatar.

All other missions outside of special stuff like epic arcs, storylines etc, your enemies are pirate factions.

Pirate missions dont have any sway on if rats attack you or not.
Example. You have 5.00 to guristas. If you belt rat, guristas will still attack you.

Aside from your vague question not sure what else you wanna know

I am assuming you mean mission running. As you get sent to default NPC even on player corp, or FW, drops.

No real penalties. All that is given up for working fo Ishukone and not Caldari Navy is location of agents. Some corps in npc may have better agent populations and locations to personal taste.

See where all their leve 1 to 4’s are and work out what you like there.

Exceptions, alwasy have those lol, are the more low sec lore based ones. Thukker for example can have less high sec agents and you may need to low sec run for them at times more.

The reward being only they can grant some implants and thukker modules. Or you can run say brutor and make the isk to buy that off the market. Player choice there.

That just means how far their influence goes (aka where their agents and stations are) a minor corp in the caldari state will have less influence than the caldari navy for example.

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Do missions gain standings. Ez rep

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