Caldari navy

I want to go for caldari navy misions cuz they have good modules what can sell or use for my self but if i;m runing theyr misions i will make enemi any state like amar or galante or minmatar or everyfing will be fine ?
I heard if u run any kind of security misions without Sister of eve u are meaking enemis from one of theese states.

Most missions from any Security agent will be against the regional pirates and you can run those without taking any standing penalties from other factions (you will take a standings hit with the pirates, of course).

When an agent offers you a mission against a rival faction, it will say so in the mission description. Simply decline those missions when they come up.

i don t care about pirates just do not become enemi with one of the 4 big state and if this isn t the case can u tell me an good agent for lvl 3 or 4 misions what my cruiser would be good and efficient ?

There are specific missions that you can take that are against enemy factions. But you generally only take a hit when you destroy their ships.

It is possible to blitz through missions while taking minimal standings penalties.

If this concerns you, then id suggest you simply decline them when they come up. You can only decline 1 mission every 4 hours or so however, before losing standings with the agent you are with, and once that standings drops below a certain amount, you will not be able to take missions from that agent anymore.

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Pretty much all security missions will pit you against the 4 major empires.

For exemple if i;m doing thoose misions i will be able to go in amar / galante spake without beeing attack bt polise or what that standing influense?

You would need to do a lot, and i mean a LOT of missions against them to dip that low.

Its minimum -6.0 or below that you get targetted in their space.

All security agents will offer you missions that go against another faction, but they also offer a lot of missions that are only against pirates. When you are offered a mission, from any agent, be sure to read if it is against an Empire Faction and just decline those missions. I run a lot of missions for lots of different factions and corps and it seems that none offer more missions against Empire Factions than others do (other than Faction Warfare missions, of course). Somebody might know differently, but in my experience, all security agents are pretty much the same in that way.

Sure, i misspoke, i meant to say all security agents, not the missions themselves.

Your information never existed. You cannot buy standings with other empire factions, other than paying someone else isk to run missions while you share the standings bonus.

What i think you meant to say was, you can buy your way out of negative security status. But that has to do with concord and criminal status, and not the faction empire standings.

No worries, man- I totally understood what you meant, just wanted to add some more detail for the OP :slightly_smiling_face:

i find some stations where u can pay tags for encrese standinds if i’m right.


Security status. Not standings. Two different things.

Security status, or sec status, has to do with whether you are flagged as a criminal in hi/lowsec. If you are a criminal, and below the threshold, you will be attacked by police, no matter where you are in hisec.

You can use tags to increase your security status.

Standings, has to do with specific factions. If you are negative standing beyond a certain threshold for Amarr, you will not be attacked by minmattar, for example.

You cannot use anything other than grinding for the factions missions, to increase standings with empires.

Gallente and Minmatar are allies, Amarr and Caldari are allies. Doing things against one faction also gives you some negative standings with their ally. If you’re doing missions and care about your standings with factions don’t fight any faction only pirates.
Look up “faction standings repair plan” to boost or fix faction standings.

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You CAN use tags to increase faction and corporation standing as well but youll pay for it handsomely. Its a once per toon tag trade in. The Standings Repair Plan thread points you in the right direction.

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So u knw some navi caldari lvl3 misions close to jita and oris ? or just close to oris.

-5 not -6 but i assume that was a typo :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, yes and no. Its Cosmos agents, and its not just tags, its all sorts of items, including tags and drops from cosmos-specific mission areas, and its not in stations, theyre always floating in space.

Plus you need specific standings to accept the missions in the first place, which means that if youre starting off as a -5.0 with caldari, youre going to have to do the faction standings repair plan cause youre gonna be locked out of most of the cosmos agents.

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Please see this thread. It has been around for some time and will help you from tanking your standings among the Empire factions. The Plan was designed to help repair faction standings BUT can be used to ensure your standings remain positive as you run missions.

Also, this site might be useful:

It helps to demonstrate the relationships between the various factions in the game.


If you swap between Caldari and SoE you can keep your standings well balanced. Storyline missions will give you some derived standings losses but they cap at a pretty fixable level.

Also caldari navy has pretty bad LP store, I’d suggest going for one of the other caldari LP store variants. At this point in the game the only reason I can think of to run caldari navy is for standings to trade in jita.