NPC Mining Corps Difference

There are 12 NPC mining corps. I thoguht “ah, that’s 3 for each empire, so logically one does frigates, one does barges, and one does exhumers” except I saw two different NPC mining corps of the same empire use Retrivers, so that’s not it. So what’s the difference between them?

The name.


The ambition to steal OUR ore. Some of them steal more, some steal less.

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Just had Dulcia Foundry show up in catalysts and take out my mackinaw. This is nonsense.

not NPC’s, maybe players in that corp but not NPC’s, Dulcia is Amarr

Yes in Amarr space Dulcia foundry NPC corp came in and ganked my exhumer for no reason.

i suggest you link the KM then, cause that NPC corp should use COercer’s not catalysts if it was NPC,

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Which one steals the most?

Wait, you can join these corps? That’s cool, maybe I might point to there for some of my miner friends who don’t want to join a player corp. Although they probably would be better off just joining a PC corp that operates in their frequent locations.

Dont shoot their mining ships and they wont attack you.

Can players join those corps?

No they cannot, you cannot chose which npc corp you join and those are not possible to join.

Your ore? You know the empires are VASTLY bigger and more massive than us, right? In empire space INCLUDEING LS it’s THEIR ore. as they own the system and manage the npc stations WE all use.

Yeah well this NPC corp asked me for a mining permit charge or something so no

That’s not an NPC corp that’s a code piece of ■■■■, a pirate.

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Maybe some creative pirate used a name to confuse someone. Like “Dacia Foundry”

Hue sliders.

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