NPC Mining Groups Too Much

EDITED due to hurt feelings

No, the game is full of bitter vets that are sick of SENSITIVE TYPES that are too ____ to figure things out on there own AND THEN when shown how to beat the problem. still ____ because effort is required…

You don’t need a T3 destroyer when you can fly a Praxis and do way more than needed DPS to kill a NPC hauler…

The thread is about NPC mining groups so why you are going on about Trigs is beyond me…

Try posting a reply that doesn’t contain a bunch of personal attacks and insults.

Try growing a pair

How sad, but typical. Again some elitist vets poison a post with their belief that only those with years of experience and unlimited time to spend on eve have a legitimate claim to play and enjoy the potentially awesome game that is eve. Even less surprising, the personally insulting tone with which they deliver this toxic crap. These are the people that will kill eve, because eventually they will be the majority type of person left willing to play.
New players will be driven off by their attitude and aggression, which manifests in rookie channel and rookie systems. CCP, do you need new players to keep eve alive? :wink:


How about not being a complete c**t?

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Tried that and it didn’t work as it only appeases the entitled and hyper sensitive types…

Don’t like it then block me _ooser…

oooooh so you’re an as*hole 24/7 - figures

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oooooh so you’re a little baby 24/7 - figures

Keep it on topic please.

mining fleets are easily dealt with. you can nuter a response fleet before it even agresses you. all you need is a MWD and long range weapons. please refer to my previous posts for the details.

if you are not willing to deal with the mining fleets in your system then move or just get on with it. they are not OP in any respect. it takes hours for them to clear a belt . the only change i would suggest is to stop them spawning in the Rookie and Career agent systems… thats 27 systems in total

Yep…the plus is that if one was to learn how to kill the haulers, they would be in for some nice loot drops too…

(hint: check YouTube on how to do this)

To be fair, mining in belts is meant to be a pain. Hooking up with a corp that has established some refineries in a 0.5 system will allow a corporation like the OP has be profitable and avoid this altogether. You just have to reach out to people. Or not. Jack their mining claim.

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