NPC Mining Groups Too Much

Really sorry I see where I was wrong, let me stop training and start on T3 destroyers right now let me pause the next 4 months of mining skills I was training, nice video and his follow up was even better, sadly when my friend did this his drops were nothing like that or I might have had enough to buy a injector and get into a T3.

Doing things on the test server and then repeating it to make a nice video to post is fine, it seems this game is now full of bitter vets who’s comeback is always “learn to play ******” while anyone thinking of joining is thrown in the fight pit.

Please go and look at zkill and check the Trig kills have a look at the fittings, even many of the barges and the few Orca’s that have been killed are poorly fitted, there is a sharp jump from finishing the career agents and fully exploring the game.

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just using this as a jumping off point :slight_smile:

IMO the issue with NPC miners is that people dont understand them or how they operate within the confines of the AI that they use.

1 - mining fleets will only spawn in or next to systems that contain an industry focused NPC corporation station.
2 - fleets can spawn with between 3 - 13 mining ships (roughly)
3 - the response fleet will be proportionate to the mining ships that spawn (there are edge cases of disproportionate responses)
4 - haulers that spawn to support these fleets will warp periodically from a station to the NPCs (*can spawn a T1 or T2 hull, this is not tied to miner type)
5 - the Response fleet will not escalate further, (FOB mining fleets might to due to the nature of thair spawning)

there are 3 ways to deal with the fleets.

  • the first and least time investment is to move to a new system/belt when you encounter a mining fleet
  • the second is to shoot the mining ships and warp out. you an then warp back after a vary short period and mine away whilst the NPC sits with its combat support in a safe spot.
  • lastly you can deal with the spawn either in the belt (not recommended) or by scanning down the fleets safe and fighting is there .

the last option. is the most time intensive but will net you some Ore, & salvage

  • firstly you shoot the fleet and align out. check Dscan as diamond rat will appear on it. this will give you an idea of what the response fleet is made up of.
  • now warp to station and jump in a scanning ship. combat scan the barges (they have a vary large base scan detection thresh hold. gey your book mark and reship.
  • on landing (i suggest warping at range with a drone boat, gun boats can work 2) target and kill the logistics ships (the fleet will not agro) then move on to tackle (fleet agros now) then Ewar, then DPS.
    leave 1 DPS or Ewar ship alive. NOTE i tend to keep a good range on the DPS ships if they number more than 4 as they can still easily break a good tank.
  • once the support fleet has been neutered, move on to the mining ships and hauler. the funny thing here is that whilst in the safe spot the mining ships and hauler will not move or try to warp even whilst taking damage.
  • when everything is dead go jump in hauler and move the ORE back to your preferred station. if you kill a T2 mining barge then it will have T2 salvage and with luck could net you up to 80mill~ in T2 salvage

i have previously stated this in her.

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EDITED due to hurt feelings

No, the game is full of bitter vets that are sick of SENSITIVE TYPES that are too ____ to figure things out on there own AND THEN when shown how to beat the problem. still ____ because effort is required…

You don’t need a T3 destroyer when you can fly a Praxis and do way more than needed DPS to kill a NPC hauler…

The thread is about NPC mining groups so why you are going on about Trigs is beyond me…

Try posting a reply that doesn’t contain a bunch of personal attacks and insults.

Try growing a pair

How sad, but typical. Again some elitist vets poison a post with their belief that only those with years of experience and unlimited time to spend on eve have a legitimate claim to play and enjoy the potentially awesome game that is eve. Even less surprising, the personally insulting tone with which they deliver this toxic crap. These are the people that will kill eve, because eventually they will be the majority type of person left willing to play.
New players will be driven off by their attitude and aggression, which manifests in rookie channel and rookie systems. CCP, do you need new players to keep eve alive? :wink:


How about not being a complete c**t?

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Tried that and it didn’t work as it only appeases the entitled and hyper sensitive types…

Don’t like it then block me _ooser…

oooooh so you’re an as*hole 24/7 - figures

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oooooh so you’re a little baby 24/7 - figures

Keep it on topic please.

mining fleets are easily dealt with. you can nuter a response fleet before it even agresses you. all you need is a MWD and long range weapons. please refer to my previous posts for the details.

if you are not willing to deal with the mining fleets in your system then move or just get on with it. they are not OP in any respect. it takes hours for them to clear a belt . the only change i would suggest is to stop them spawning in the Rookie and Career agent systems… thats 27 systems in total

Yep…the plus is that if one was to learn how to kill the haulers, they would be in for some nice loot drops too…

(hint: check YouTube on how to do this)