NPC Sotiyos for nullsec

As the name implies, nullsec has very high security and not very much emergent gameplay.
I suggest we up the amount of NPC Sotiyos to 10 per nullsec system and everyone who undocks or un-tetheres will be instantly annihilated just like in highsec.

The NPCs guarding those Sotiyos are quite capable and should be able to annihilate all ratting sooper dooper doopers quite easily and if you want to get rid of them, you can “just shoot them”.

For NPC nullsec I suggest the number of active NPC Sotiyos at one at any given time.

This will bring lots of involuntary dis-assemblies of capitals all over New Eden and will make nullsec a very emergent area to live in.

Nowhere is safe in New Eden, better be on your toes in nullsec.

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To bad you wont be able to do anything except, hopefully, pvp if you can get off the station in time without getting blapped by rats…terrible stupid. Its already pointless to try and do anything in NPC null without getting blapped by these things. Its like CCP doesnt want anyone to do anything in null except shoot each other. I like to make isk as well so i can shoot people. if i warp to a belt I have to hope they dont warp in on me as i weill get scrammed and blapped in one or two volleys…yay…this sounds like fun and something I will come back to play more…

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So do I.

I know it sounds sarcastic but I am serious. If highsec get un-beatable NPCs with infinite resources and backup, why should nullsec be spared.

When I lived in Stain, I also had a hard time making isk and some folks assumed I would have loads of isk, which I didn’t.
No, I was busy not getting killed, dropped upon by 9347956279569275692652 zillion capitals or getting ganked in a DED complex.
Sov null should also enjoy “the hunt”, which will teach some that you are on your own, always.

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I do agree that there needs to be more risk in Nullsec. I don’t know if this is the best way to do it nor do I have an alternate suggestion though.

Risk is good for nullsec. Risk is already real in w-space in in highsec where I go to take a chill pill from the ever present angst.

The idea came to me when I went to my agent system and during the last week I have been surrounded by Blood Raider FOBs.
So instead of 2 of those at any given time, there are current 4 that I have seen in the same region only 2 solar systems apart.
I thought, okay lets go somewhere 20 jumps away and I didn’t believe my d-scan but yes there was another one 2 regions away from where I started.

If I have to suffer in highsec, why should the snowflakes in nullsec also suffer at a much greater cost - they all have infinite isk and bot farmers.
So this should keep them at bay and even reduce the number of bots significantly.


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