NPC stations in null sec space

I never been to null sec space (too new and afraid to go), but I am curious about NPC stations. Are NPC stations plenty in null sec as it is in high sec? if it is what is the lore around that?

No, there are no NPC stations in sov null sec at all.

There are certain NPC Null Sec regions, however, with lots of NPC stations in most. 3 notable exceptions are Outer Ring, Venal and Great Wildlands. These NPC Null sec regions and constellations are the home regions of pirate factions (Curse, Stain, Delve (only 2 constellations) Venal, Fountain (1 constellation only)) or huge empire corps (Outer Ring Excavation) or for shady business people (Syndicate) or weirdo semi-pirate, semi-empire people (Great Wildlands).

interesting, thank you for the information!

To sum up each of the NPC Null Sec regions:

  • Venal: Home of the Guristas Pirates, an infamous group of Caldari-based pirates and by far the closest thing to real life pirates in Eve Online. Founded by a pair of former Caldari Navy personnel whose careers had been stifled by the bureaucratic society they lived in, the Guristas continue to be led by one of the two after the other met with a bad cloning accident and was left mentally crippled, and the butt of jokes from his former gang.
  • Fountain: Home of Serpentis, a Gallente-based criminal organization that operates much like the Italian Mafia, with roots in pharmaceutical R&D, and thus specializing in illegal drugs. Their leader is the adopted son of a Gallente scientist who holds a grudge against the Gallente for destroying his father’s fortunes that they themselves helped build. Their NPC stations can be found in Curse as well, due to their close working relationship with the Angel Cartel.
  • Curse: Home of the Angel Cartel, a Minmatar-based gang that operates in the ruins of a highly-advanced civilization called the Jovian Empire. Adept at adopting salvaged Jovian technology, they double as enforcers and military R&D for Serpentis, with their stations found in Fountain.
  • Delve: Home of Goonswa-I mean the Blood Raiders, a heretical Amarrian cult with a fanatical obsession with blood. They’re infamous for using people as blood banks for their rituals, especially those of Capsuleers and Warclones, which they consider to be of the highest grade.
  • Stain: Home of Sansha’s Nation, a New Age-style cult founded by a Caldari entrepreneur with delusions of godhood, using his medical implant research to create an entire nation of brainwashed slaves, led by his few fanatical followers. Formerly destroyed by a coalition made up of the four empires and the Jove, they’ve since made their resurgence into the scene, having ransacked a Jovian system of its technology and staging slave raids into the empires via wormhole generation.
  • Syndicate: Home of the Intaki Syndicate. Exactly what the name says, it’s founded by exiles of Intaki ethnicity, having been expelled from the Gallente Federation for sympathizing or collaborating with their Caldari enemies. A grey area in terms of international law, the Syndicate recently ceded control of one of their constellations to the Caldari to bolster their border defences against the Gallente, making the Caldari the only High-Sec/Low-Sec empire to control Null Sec space.
  • Great Wildlands: Home to the nomadic Thukker Tribe, the Great Wildlands is a similar grey area of international law as Syndicate. While officially an autonomous part of the Minmatar Republic, the Thukker Tribe is independent in all but name. The Thukker Tribe also has stations in High Sec and Low Sec.
  • Outer Ring: Home of Outer Ring Excavation (ORE), Outer Ring is where ORE first made its riches. Wanting to avoid taxation from the Gallente, ORE decided to make its HQ in Outer Ring, specializing in mining and other industrial activities. Having previously relied on Mordu’s Legion for security, it had recently fallen under the control of Serpentis after it had bought over a majority stake in ORE.
  • Pure Blind: Home to Mordu’s Legion and the Servant Sisters of Eve. A mostly Sov Null region like Delve, Pure Blind is home to two diametrical opposites, a professional mercenary group with deep ties to the Caldari, and an interstellar humanitarian organization, each occupying a constellation each. The latter even has a system in Wormhole Space, called Thera, along with many High Sec and Low Sec stations.
  • Pochven: Home of the Triglavian Collective. Recently created out of former High Sec and Low Sec systems at the end of the Triglavian story arc, it is not pure Null Sec in the strictest sense, possessing some characteristics of Wormhole Space. Similarly, the Triglavians’ NPC stations are also formerly controlled by the empires, with standing requirements to unlock services there.

I think that’s all of them. You can find out more on the lore in EVE Online’s official site.


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