Npc Null-sec

so I notice that Great wildlands are almost empty with almost zero people around. are other Npc Null-sec regions like this Great WildLands almost always empty. or they active?

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I just flew through a lot of NPC Null and did not see a single person in space…I thought it was odd.

GW is always that empty, except for 2 or 3 hot spots: the entrance areas around Konora and Khabi, and the station constellation. Outside of that it’s just a fly over region with some good moons here and there. Outer Ring is in a similar position.

However, other NPC Null sec is not that empty. Syndicate used to be a lot more active but even nowadays, you can find people camping and roaming around. Same goes for Curse, which got more active now that FRT are farming hard there and PHORDE are there for fun. Stain also has active spots mostly around good mission systems but it’s too large for the relatively small population. Delve is … well, it is Delve. And the Serpentis constellation in Fountain is probably in a transition phase now that the sov holders around it have switched.
In general though, population density has declined all over. In Curse, for instance, until a year ago you could not get through the K-Q -> VOL- pipe without it being camped with bubbles and all the good stuff. Now I managed to get through with a covert ops without any problems.

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Right now i am outer ring looking for data or relic sites . not sure if there more sites in great wildlands or in outer ring

Doesn’t matter,

When you do them, they just respawn straight away to a system on their list, which for outer ring content is probably every system in serpentis populated nullsec (ie fountain, syndicate, outer ring, cloud ring). My experience with outer ring is that its checked regularly by explorers, so you won’t find many systems with buildups of signatures. Might find with fountain changing hands right now, more of the serpentis signatures are there.

So i have a big question so my man exploration ship is an Astero. is wise to fit 4 T2 Wrap stabs on my Astero?

any way i got Gank and loss about 100 Mill plus had Implants . 50 mill worth of implants so toatl of about 150 Mill togetter

Have been thinking of switching to cheap Exploration ship in null sec

You may avoid some fights with 4x warp core stabs, but some people, like me, use 2x scrams so you would still get tackled.

Yeah people pretty much assume Warp Cores for Hacking ships so you are unlikley to get away (Sabers or double scram are common. )

What you really want is a ECM burst, align out and burst then spawn warp. If its a saber and you are bubbled burst and spam MWD rinse and repeat until he is on reload and burst again to get away. (Works well for Prospects, cant see why it would not work for a Hacker too)

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