NPCs should be animated and speak

It would vastly improve and modernize the feel of the game when interacting with mission agents etc.

Could use AI to generate the animations, and the voices for sure.

Yes i know it would still be a lot of work. The wall of text could still be there. Let whiners disable it. But imagine having a 3d avatar standing there talking to you. Awesome.

It would help make the agents feel like characters, rather than generic buttons to press.

It would be more exciting / interesting / entertaining.


Man, listening to The Damsel would be like nails on chalkboard…

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I agree
Which means it must be a lot of work and trouble.


  1. Start with just the existing image in the mission report being animated,

  2. AI use could be for small talk about your latest KM, or market sale, things we access already using the ESI.

  3. Then when we walk in the stations, you could have offices, secret meeting places, etc.

What if they made it so you could talk to Aura whenever you want using a form of ChatGPT?

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