Null Blackout removed

With a decision this ridiculous to cave into the Null whiners and restore local in Null,

How can I help but feel the Cancer that is the CSM had something to do with this game destroying decision.

Good luck playing Hello Kitty Online.

This is on CCP…keep it there.

When ever there is a bad decision by CCP you know the CSM and Null are lurking in the background.

So then if the common denominator is always CCP, why blame an ever-changing CSM?

The blame lays at the feet of those in change…

The CSM needs to go, it and null generate the bad ideas for CCP to follow. This is a classic example of CCP doing something great to only once again reverse course.

So then this is really just a CSM salt thread then…

Was BO diacussed at summit or not? This is clearly economic decision, PCU tanked hard. Minutes will be amusing to read.

Wizard hat strikes again!


Not really.

This just showed that CCP will do as Null commands and everyone else can go and get â– â– â– â– â– â– .

So not much point reading edited versions of CCP cutting off their own balls and handing them over as a null trophy.

I cam back to this game on blackout because I thought CCP had finally decided to balance the game.

fat chance of that, so I will play as an alpha but probably fade away again as the game has gone back to its course to shits ville.

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The blackout has served it purpose CCP should have clear hard data how the change has affected overall game play and how players have changed.

Removing blackout totally is a backwards step.
Blackout V2.0 should be rolled out; and I suggest that the BLACKOUT DELAY IS LINKED TO ADM of the SYSTEM. Higher the ADM faster you appear and everyone else appears in Local.

Work harder your ADM is higher and you can defend easier. Be a space keeper and you are increasing risk.

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I don’t think so.

Blackout came really sudden which gave none time to plan for it, cyno changes being announced would have further increased the number of players avoiding taking the time to test things out and develop new doctrines until the upcoming cyno changes were implemented also which might as well have been yesterday at this point (only days ago).

Again, they muck things up as it were putting blackout in too fast and also taking it away before letting either CCP or players gather ANY data related to current changes in the game because now they have treated it as if blackout and cyno changes could not possibly be related together on such a short time frame.

A lot of people have barely come around to trying out the game with blackout and figuring out themselves how to play with it but now they don’t have to because they were waiting for cyno changes anyways and now they are only going to have to focus on that.

There began to grow this mentality that we should all wait to see what else they will change about the game and now they just killed the experiment before the test subjects were really willing or able to try it out.

RIP Blackout,

RIP cyno changes… calling it now.

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If you said “expect a Rorq buff” I wouldn’t have batted an eye\


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If there is one thing I have learned about players who get their way in this game is that they never stop trying to get even more.

A never ending cycle of overreaching and now this whole situation has become a microcosm of how out of control both CCP and this game’s players are.

Everyone was going to be docked up a lot after cyno changes for a bit anyways so removing blackout now, even if they thought it was ultimately the best decision is still premature at this point tantamount to not achieving anything by implementing it in the first place.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe they got what needed out of this whole experiment. I doubt it, perhaps the chaos is just as bad in the CCP office these past few months as it were for players in game.

Back to business as usual, at least it is the business end players and CCP understand, I suppose.

I mean, after we get those game ending cyno changes finally reversed in a couple months.


CCP are probably already apologizing to Null and planning to reverse the changes.

Just wait for the added rewards for null in the way of an apology present.

Initially into the demands of the pvp hunter, but it’s only ridiculous to support pve players?
Don’t be ridiculous. The problems that exist cannot be solved by the blackout.

No lets be blunt

The problems that exist will not be fix because Null do not want them fixed and the CCP Eunuchs will not go against them.

Don’t be ridiculous

The reality of the situation is on my side. For over a decade CCP has refused to fix the risk reward problem in null because null sec threatens to mass quit every time they do. So now the entire game is screwed in comparison.

If they are willing to change certain fundamentals of how the game operates in order to make all aspects of the game more enjoyable, rather than just buffing pve or pvp players, the game will be fine and the problems will work themselves out.

But if they are not, then we are going back to gameplay that isn’t good and could be much better

I think they just proved they are willing to do what Null sec will allow them to do.