When think CCP to stop that black-out

who long wil this black-out gone take CCP
I get nowhere a answer about that
becours it take mine fun away and why is it that you have done it

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You cannot have order without chaos. Balance is everything. Order and Chaos go hand in hand…

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The blackout will continue until morale improves.

CCP most stop then with the plex as game time and let people pay for the game time
less bot players to

there is no date when ccp wanna stop it.
i hope ccp change there mind after csm submit.

what i can see, is that a lot of people let accounts run out. even my self went down from 10 accounts to 2.

Have you ever wondered if the NULL blackout was initiated to reduce load on the chat system due to it falling over regularly :slight_smile:


And since CCP gave players means to see, that someone is warping at you even in cloaked ship, it is enough to play your game at the keyboard, not AFK to stay perfectly safe. Just watch the logs for effects.JumpOut or effects.JumpOutWormhole records. If they appear in logs - get away from your spot.

Even if there is a large battle somewhere in other corner of your system , but no one bother to drop on you - why bother? Blackout made life more calm, actually. You are not stressed about other people as long as they are not warping on you… Source.

This might sound crazy, but maybe the Drifters are leaving it up to us to figure out how to brings comms back online? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hopefully never.

Here’s to an actually dangerous NullSec.


Blackout is most likely a permanent feature. You might want to prepare for that eventuality.


I have started to play in 2005 and I have already liked the gameplay changes.
I mainly played in nullsec but now it is not possible to continue in theses conditions with the blackout in nullsec !!!
If I would like it I will go to whormshole but it is an another gameplay.

Can we have an idea when this joke will be stopped because I think to stop my account after 14 years !!

im pretty sure: ccp will destroy the WH income as next.

i believe they wont stop with “chaos era” soon. what i hear yesterday in the meta show, they wont stop it in the next 6 months.

lets see if we can read today in “talking in stations” something between the lines.

Blackout is accomplishing the following:

  • Making null look like wormholes.
  • Many null players are deeply unhappy because they lost the sense of their community.
  • Actual destruction has not gone up not will it because nothing has been done to fuel wars (small game hunting is peanuts in terms of sink).
  • This is causing Goons and the other big 4 to grow even more due to diminished security and null is now a wasteland between pockets of activity.

In Conclusion, a relatively small but vocal/influential group are happy (small game pvp) because their play style was singularly buffed at the expense of others. The objective of Eve has to be “sandbox” not buff what you think is missing or are nostalgic about.

Suggest you resurrect the previous idea of bringing into the game the structures that control local as well as other neat stuff. Also, can you put Hilmar back in the box?

An honest point, what is local but a huge data drain especially in busy system during PvP. A Chat window that dictates connecting hundreds if not thousands of players all spamming each other out to no end. Shouldn’t need to happen.

I always hated that you could not simply sign off of local so that you would be able to operate with just that little bit less lagg while you play not actually being connected to it 100% of the time, black out or not.

If it was more realistic you should have to manually connect to local before seeing who is in local, what chat is being entered, and before your name can show up in local as well for other people to see.

In all areas of space. This would remove the ability to use local as a mechanic to exploit intelligence on who is in the system with you. Because smart players would remain disconnected most of the time local chat would not have to be in use or at a very limited amount rather than an open faucet to drain operating resources of both players and the game itself.

win and win, except for the ■■■■ heads who want local as a mechanic to exploit for their game play.

CCP stop the black out, my friends stop playing and I will not delay too, you are putting your game to death, it means soon the closure of eve

“The nullsec entities became so very afraid to lose their expensive space toys that they stopped talking to each other and created more alts to play alone in an mmo.”

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I hope it never stops. Best addition to the game since ages.