Null local mechanics suggestions

Some thoughts/suggestions around Null local / blackout mechanics:

  • A ship entering a system should not immediately be reported in local, this should be an incremental process
  • After a small amount of time (e.g. 1 minute), it’s ship “type” is reported (e.g. frigate, destroyer, cruiser, etc.)
  • A little later (e.g. after 2-3 min in system), it’s exact type is reported (e.g. Thrasher, Loki, Revelation, etc.)
  • And then only next (e.g. 3-5 mins) would the corporation/pilot name be reported (ship transponder info)
  • Detection time could be affected by ship signature radius
  • If a ship cloaks, its detection timer is paused or reduced (e.g. only uncloaked time is taken into account)
  • Corporation/Alliance who owns the system should have advantages, for example:
    • Information on ships in system is reported faster (e.g. 20%-50%). This benefit could be affected by factors such as military index, or new special structures deployed in system
    • Details about other Corporation/Alliance members pilots are immediately available (no delay)
    • Members should have the ability to filter local (e.g. see only members / non-members)
  • New ships modules or rigs could be introduced to protect from local detection (e.g. reduces detection time/chance by a %)

I’m opposed to this. But mostly because if CCP tried to implement something this complex into their chat system, they might well end up destroying the internet in the process.


No. Leave local chat alone. EVE works better with local for everyone. Any form of more active gameplay has only resulted in more issues than anything else.

Totally agree with the ‘too complex’ remark. It would undoubtedly break.

My suggestion:

Local shows fleet, corp, alliance. No-one else.
D-scan shows corp/alliance ticker.


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