Null-sec corp looking for members

If you are new or old to eve and want to be part of a new group that’s active and helpful give us a shout.

Imperial white raven company is a Indy based Corp that’s based out of cloud ring part of the Shadow Alliance and a proud member of the imperium.

if you like to try out null-sec and make some isk don’t be shy to send us a msg. let us help you make isk and enjoy eve the way it was intended.

Imperial White Raven Company.

All Wanted-Miners,indy,Pve and pvpers
Have a passion for mining?

Know the mining basics?

-moon ore available
-Great community on discord and in game
-All Timezones
-Alpha & Omega Friendly
-no Drama
-Relaxed and laid back/Dad corp
-Buyback program
-Boosted mining

I want to join . . :grinning:
Join me, and together we can rule the Galaxy as Father and Son . .

All is welcome :slight_smile:

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