Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Taste them guns, join big and small fleets ! :slight_smile: We are looking for all timezones - part of The Initiative (sov space), or why not get comfy with corp in some NPC space? Let us see if we match and we can go from there :slight_smile:

We aren’t doing PVP only… not indy only … not hauling only… we do mine aswell ;p haha. Get in touch and lets see if we can find mutual interests <3

Variety and access to content is what makes Eve truly enjoyable. This even includes wormhole operations. Want to really learn the game and expand your options? Contact us.


Interested in mining? We do those things aswell…
PVP, indy, pve, mining… there is enough space to tinker in. We salute all timezones o7

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We are looking for growth! Small pvp, larger pvp, Fountain space / npc space… we have a solid setup <3 All timezone are solid in UMAH!

Spin your caps with me :wink:

EU? US? AU? Anywhere else? UMAH accept all timezones and wish to grow to keep a solid alive wing around the clock :slight_smile:

We seek you who are a teamplayer, friendly but aswell know what on earth you are doing :slight_smile: However we do accept EVE returners if we feel like we match well <3

Find new ways to explore the galaxy and make some friends while forging your own path!

Still having our business open ofc <3 Looking for pilots to join, all timezones are welcome! A 24/7 living corp is pretty hot!

Just got my butt to office so … I’m sortof open for business :wink:

I know we have the word HAULING in our corp name … but we actually do other stuff aswell :stuck_out_tongue: Superb if you PVP or atleast join these sexy fleets that comes up from alliance <3

Or take a moon and vacuum mine it perhaps? Buyback-program, corp home, npc / sov space, solid ratting if you want, or explo? Again - UMAH is VERY mixed … playstyle and timezone <3

Don’t burn out alone, play in a team.

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Take your oppertunity this weekend because the CEO is out of town … join the community, we have a mixed playstyle and a mixed timezone coverage <3

Looking to increase our member count… open for all timezones but we are still selective on who we recruit.

It gotta match… for you and us :smiley:

Coming back to EVE? Wanna switch your space? We are always looking for a solid match and expand our corporation :slight_smile: All timezones are cool!

Im interested. me

Be part of the protection, of The Initiative… join UMAH for a friendly atmosphere, all timezones :slight_smile:

Still at it. Come join us.

We like mining aswell btw … mining, pvp, pve, indy … we are a mixed corporation seeking mixed pilots to join! All timezone <3

<3 UMAH looking for pilots to join our community - All timezones rocks!

It’s unholy early but if you wanna join, get into our discord and ping someone :wink: We are expanding, looking for all timezones!