Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Join bigger pew pew - AND smaller pew pew! :slight_smile:

Join a friendly corp - recruitment is open but not taking in masses. Still belive in a pretty tight knit group where we can talk to eachother like friends.

All timezones are SUPERB! EVE is meant to be 24/7 <3

UMAH! - we’re not scared of jellyfish!

Join UMAH and together we can accomplish even more!

GET YOUR CANDY HERE! We are looking for more folks in all timezones - selective but open recruitment! :slight_smile: Lets have a chat in our solid, tight and friendly community :slight_smile:

Looking for pilots to fly with us - all timezones OK but we are selective in recruiting! Friendly-ness comes a long way! :smiley:

Searching for EU / US mainly - we fly on both timezones to rock EVE space <3 lets have a chat and see if you can fit well with us!

Returning to EVE? Looking for a new home? EU or US? Not a problem - read the top post, join ingame channel UMAH_Pub and lets see if we match well!

PVP / Indy / Mining / all sort of playstyle are solid in UMAH <3

Join the fight! Small pvp and larger scale fights! You can also find mining, industry, ratting, gas huffing and what not :stuck_out_tongue: We are a pretty tight solid group and we are looking to expand our numbers abit!

If you are looking for a chill, mature and collaborative community it is worth talking to us. While everyone is expected to contribute to the common objectives, nobody is told what to do or how to play. PvPers, miners and industrialist found home with us. Our number represents an active group, we regularly let go pilots whose RL priorities put EVE on pause and welcome them back without hassle when they have time again to fly in the space - as you expect from a RL first corp.

^^ What that hottie said above is still accurate :smiley:

Join ze fight :wink:

Your playstyle can be big ships … or small ships (if you see the tiny Buzzard on the pic) :wink: In UMAH we love you long time either way :stuck_out_tongue:

All timezones are solid, we wanna grow to have a living corporation 24/7 =)

We are open for business :stuck_out_tongue:

Always dreamt to buy a new mouse after clicking too much? Well then join UMAH and setup your new empire of Planetary Industry <3 haha.

All timezones, pvp and indy/mining - we have it all :slight_smile:

Get in on the action - PVP / INDY / MINING … whatever your playstyle I’m sure we can deliver <3
Part of The Initiative, we do all timezone (EU a tad more active but we are building up all fronts good!

still open to the right people

We got all type of manufacturing possibilities, mining, space (Sov and Npc null) … pvp (large and small fleets). I would say you can get it all xD Even kindness and respect :stuck_out_tongue:

We are looking for all timezones, even tho our NZ might be abit lonley it would be awesome to see you out there aswell <3

Come and spin the pods with UMAH <3
A friendly corp, looking for experienced pilots / gamers. We are happy to get all people in all timezones aswell! :slight_smile:

Important thing is that you aren’t a typical toxic person, create drama because something doesn’t goes as planned. Aswell to respect that we all have a RL to attend to… we won’t be sitting 24/7 at EVE :slight_smile:

BUT - UMAH is growing, we are having a solid EU and US timezone wing and building upwards! You AU and NZ are terrible difficult to find but we love you too!
Join our community - PVP’ers, Indys, Miners and what not … we are a mixed corporation! :slight_smile:

Always on the lookout for solid good pilots to join us, all timezones welcome <3