Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Join bigger pew pew - AND smaller pew pew! :slight_smile:

Join a friendly corp - recruitment is open but not taking in masses. Still belive in a pretty tight knit group where we can talk to eachother like friends.

All timezones are SUPERB! EVE is meant to be 24/7 <3

UMAH! - we’re not scared of jellyfish!

Join UMAH and together we can accomplish even more!

GET YOUR CANDY HERE! We are looking for more folks in all timezones - selective but open recruitment! :slight_smile: Lets have a chat in our solid, tight and friendly community :slight_smile:

Looking for pilots to fly with us - all timezones OK but we are selective in recruiting! Friendly-ness comes a long way! :smiley:

Searching for EU / US mainly - we fly on both timezones to rock EVE space <3 lets have a chat and see if you can fit well with us!

Returning to EVE? Looking for a new home? EU or US? Not a problem - read the top post, join ingame channel UMAH_Pub and lets see if we match well!

PVP / Indy / Mining / all sort of playstyle are solid in UMAH <3