Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Still looking for motivated and active pilots!

A saturday bump! :wink:

Bumping up because we are still in a possibility to grow :slight_smile:

Looking for somewhat experienced players / returnees - all timezones welcome :slight_smile: We are selective but you will be able to join into a super great bunch of people <3

Join the fun in UMAH corporation =) Get in touch ingame / discord and lets see if we match up!

Looking for players who wish to enjoy the gametime :slight_smile: All timezones, no toxic crap allowed, RL friendly corp <3

Looking for pilots to our pretty tight knit community! :slight_smile: All timezone are OK! We do pvp, pve, mining, indy… well, pretty much all in different scales. Lets chat and see if we match :smiley:

If you like team work with a helpful and good group of people, look no further!

we know things about squirrels.

Get a new solid home in UMAH, we have our recruitment open to all tz <3

Jump into my belly! :smiley: We are seeking all tz, not mass-recruiting but we like to make a good fit.
Read first msg in the thread, if it sounds like something you are OK wirth then lets have a chat :slight_smile:

Looking for pilots o7 All timezones, friendly and RL prio <3

o7 Looking for friendly pilots out there to join our community :slight_smile:
All timezones!

o7 Still open to recruiting but selective <3 Making a good atmosphere, toxic free! All timezones =)

Seeking all tz o7 Friendly playstyle, RL prio but with focus to play together <3

Still recruiting! An active and welcoming community with plenty of opportunity!

Hello world!
Still recruiting from all timezones, ofcourse selective and not massrecruiting.

Help and get helped - join our mid sized corp, build your own and others experimce by teamwork :grin:

Get into Umah, building our community to be active around the clock. Friendly atmosphere, pvp and indy available. Larger alliance space but also a smaller corp home outside Sov.

We aren’t sleeping - still recruiting all timezones aslong as you are a good match with the corporation atmosphere :slight_smile:

Looking for new awesome pilots, and non-awesome :stuck_out_tongue: Aslong as you are kind and solid, teamwork will get us a loooong way!

All timezones =) Join our ingame channel UMAH_Pub for more info