Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

And yet again - UMAH seeks to grow in all timezones, what a shocker :smiley:
Lets have a chat and see if we can do some space-magic o7

Come join the fun Talwar fleets or some mining perhaps… whatever floats your boat. Large battles and smaller ones occurs often - it all depends on how often you want the pew pew :slight_smile:

Plenty to do in UMAH, oppertunity on all timezones to either ‘slow play it’ or why not climb the ranks of roam fc? Setup a gatecamp or two? :slight_smile:

o/ All timezones, lets have a chat and see if you can find a new home to settle in with :smiley:

PING :wink:

Read top post… if you think this might be something for you then reach out, lets have a chat :smiley:
Looking for all timezones, non-toxic pilots :wink:

It’s time to see what who we can match well with <3

UMAH - Better than taking candy from a baby !

We are looking for ALL timezones, even you awesome australians :wink:
We aren’t throwing everyone but keeping it selective - have a chat with us and we can see if we might match! :slight_smile:

Seeking players with experience, who wish to bond both to corp and extend the strenght to alliance. PVP and INDY is and will be a superb fit for UMAH, we grow together as a group and being selective with recruits but don’t be afraid to reach out for a chat! :slight_smile:

All timezones welcome!

Bump up to see if ppl are interested in EVE with a group of a very mixture of ppl, all around the world :slight_smile: Seeking all timezones, selective but not crazy in recruitment.

We are part of The Initiative, small to larger fleets are happening but we can always chill with some mining or other smaller corp stuff together aswell :slight_smile:

Get … in … on … the … fun <3

I’ve been lame with bumping here but recruitment is open (but selective).
All timezones… lets have a chat on discord / ingame / somewhere and see if we can martch up! :slight_smile:

We are pretty casual… we bring in all timezones … we keep it RL friendly…


You can always have some fun :wink: Large fleets and small fleets + everything in between! However - most important is a good match with us and our corp/ally culture. Lets have a chat! :slight_smile:

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UMAH is an amazing Corporation for those who are proactive and enjoy a relaxed community with a lot of opportunities to learn, grow, and participate.

Come pew pew :wink: Recruiting is still open! :smiley: