Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

At UMAH you don’t need to be a miner, nor a industrialist … or PVEér, you can actually be a Monitor-hugger aswell <3

Looking for all timezones!

We are still recruiting, all timezones.

We seek ALL timezones but seriously, where are you awesome EU pilots? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing wrong in celebrating Christmas with corp buddies abit pre-real-christmas :wink:

Looking for all timezones! Mixed playstyle! Teamwork and fun is key!

We are still looking for the right people. Join Discord for a chat.

Alive and kicking - if a suitable match then we should be good :slight_smile: Mixed playstyle and all timezones :slight_smile:

Join the fight :slight_smile: All timezone in a mixed playstyle group! Check in with us! :slight_smile:

Yeah … they call it mining and hauling … what was yours it is MINE… just let me HAUL it before next action!
We are looking for relaxed, team spirited PvPers just as much as for professional miners and haulers.

New year and new opportunities, We are looking for the right people, check us out and join our Discord

Get onboard with a corporation aiming to be active around the clock with a mixed playstyle - PVP / PVE / INDY / MINING!

Like gate camps? we got you covered, Umah is still looking for the right people. Dont be shy and drop in our Discord

We are always looking for the right people. Join our Discord for any questions or interest in joining.

In UMAH you can both tether on Titan, bridge from a Titan … and fly a Titan <3 Reach out! We are looking for all timezones!

We are still looking for the right people. Join Discord for a chat.

We are still recruiting the right people

All timezones o7 Reach out :slight_smile:

Still need members, we cover all timezones. Join Discord and check us out.

Looking for more members in all timezones, open for all playstyle but we are a team and expect you to be aswell <3

Looking for pilots to join our community! :slight_smile: Lots of different playstyle! Get in touch with us! Discord