Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

o7 looking to increase our playerbase… hop onboard our discord and have a chat! :slight_smile:


US tz? EU? AU/Asia? - We are looking to increase on all fronts, jump into discord and ping me for a chat :slight_smile:

Join us in action!

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FC, I’m stuck on gate. What do?

Great corp, strong team, join now!

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Can’t hurt to jump into our discord and have a chat :slight_smile:
We are constantly looking for growth with the right pilots, right mindset… friendly atmosphere is promised!

We rather seek longterm committment with ppl who wish to learn, grow … instead of the ‘I know it all’-type of pilots. PVP is needed considering we are operating in SOV space and NPC. So while ISK self-sustainability is needed in form of, mining, ratting or whatever floats your boat - be aware that joining fleets and flex those muscles are needed :slight_smile:

Hop onboard and ping me on discord! :slight_smile:

Looking for more pilots to welcome to our community <3

Where are the pilots? :smiley: Line up boys and girls! Hop onboard discord! :slight_smile:

Join the community! Mine it, build it, break it! <3

Looking to grow our community over all timezones! Reach out on discord <3

I tried UMAH once and to my surprise “I” grew atleast 2 inches during this time.
Needless to say i´m hooked now, and happy to see me growing as a “member”.

Consider becoming our newest “member” umah will help you grow… And teach you all the right techniques to get the best results you could want.

Join UMAH, we have the biggest and best members,.

Looking for awesome pilots to join our community, all timezones and playstyles welcome! <3

Bring it on, looking for all timezones! <3

Open for pilots who seek a mixed playstyle, all timezones <3

Can you also consider waiting for a fight to break out? Well - fear not … hop onboard our discord server and ping me! Join up with UMAH <3

After 17 years of play this is truly home. Join us. We have it all.

Jump on our discord server for a chat, we are looking for pilots in all timezones <3

Join the fight - get into the community in UMAH with a mixed playstyle!
Take your pilot into large fights (who doesn’t love TIDI eh?), small fights, defensive fleets, perhaps you are lots into mining? Or why not the beloved PI?

Get in touch o7 All timezones are needed in EVE <3

Looking for pilots (active), in all timezones :slight_smile: