Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

mooooooaaaarr! :smiley:

Pling plong - UMAH are open for business and we are looking for pilots in all timezones! :slight_smile:

Sell your soul (ESI) to us HERE

Alive and kicking :smiley: Looking for pilots in all timezones!

Sell your soul (ESI) to us HERE

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To the top :wink: Searching for more pilots! :slight_smile:

We are moving away from SeAT and joining the AUTH-IT-nerds so be one of the first to take the step into UMAH without new website :slight_smile: Just shove that soul (ESI) to us and lets have a chatโ€ฆ we are open for all timezone pilots <3 Have the heart at the right place and it will be allright :wink:

Hop into our discord for a chat :slight_smile:

Hey i was going to jump into channel for a chat since my corp has kind of stopped playing, but I noticed friendly fire in UMAH is legal; why?