Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

UMAH looking for expansion, single pilot, group of friends, corps? Everything is on the table <3 Jump into our discord for a chat! DISCORD

Looking to steady and slowly grow with experienced pilots :smiley:

Oh yes, we are around and kicking :smiley: Take a read on top post, jump into discord for a chat if you might be interested :slight_smile:

Still looking for more players all around the world. We are always aiming for active players, having a corporation active 24/7 with ppl all around the globe <3

Experienced, non toxic, teamplayer!

a nice solid group with a lot of experience.
excellent leadership organization
whatever your style you will have something to match here
did you read the description first?
yes, definitively, it’s all true.
do you feel ready?
join umah, you will never regret

HAVOC is at the door, new expansion hits today! Re-activate your EVE, tired of your dead corp? Seek us out on our discord (link above), follow recruitment steps and you are in for a ride for a active, friendly, all-content type of corp. Join UMAH <3

Sometimes … despite our corp name … we actually do fight :wink: haha…

Come join us - become a multi-playstyle pilot!

Looking for pilots from all around the world <3 enjoy your gametime, find a suitable corp, play EVE <3

Be part of a large corporation who seek activity all around the clock. Be part of a multi-playstyle/all timezone fun community in a large alliance (The Initiative). <3

Hop onboard our discord and get your gametime worth playing :slight_smile: