Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Looking for non toxic pilots who seek a corporation to grow with, together. All timezones avail and in need for more hands on deck <3

Time for a lookaround - do we have some hot players looking for a new home? Preferably longterm <3

Sometimes … we do mine, so can you :slight_smile: But expection is aswell to get doctrine ships - help out in our goals to New Eden dominion :wink: hehe.

Come to discord for a chat o7

We thrive to utilize all available resources - join us to learn together.

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10 / 10 would join again.

Alive and flying! :slight_smile: Read above … jump onto our discord for a chat if you are interested <3

Looking to grow with the right ppl <3

Yes - we mine …
BUT… we do tons of other fun stuff!

We seek players who wish to be able to mix their playstyle, with some pve/pvp/mining/whatever… no need to hardcore focus one thing <3

Hello! please tell me why taxes in your corporation are zero? Although all other corporations in this alliance have 10%?

Last year, 2023… members got a targe, amount of fleets to do in Init. They succeeded so I promised a tax free month 2024 :slight_smile: And here we are, hehe.

So normally our tax is 7.5%, but Feb is 0%.

I have sent you a letter ingame

If you don’t like mining… you can always beef up and start blowing up things with us <3

Oh yes … we are still open for business :slight_smile:

And yes … we do look for fresh meat! Come and have a chat! :slight_smile:

We are still around, just stuck it seems.

Joined 2 Years ago and stayed. 5/5

Screenshot 2024-03-21 222334
One of the rare occasions we undocked our most feared doctrine. None of those paladins dared to challenge us.

We are alive … and growing - and having fun <3

Looking for people to join our community <3

Hit me up on discord if you looking for a new home, based from FTN and Outer Ring :slight_smile: