Null sec Ratting: Enyo... 18 mil ticks...sometimes 1/2 bil an hour

Now possible. 18 mil ticks in an enyo in -1.0 null sec.

Caught some haulers with over half a billion in minerals (mex and trit) and pulled it in with my buddies flying a pair of kyros.

I’s a fun way to actively rat while being active in your standing fleet for immediate/first response tackle/


Belt ratting in an enyo to be responsive for standing fleet - love it, will totally try this later.


Before the blaster buff Enyos took too long to break the active tanks of battleships.

This buff made it possible to kill them in a timely fashion (for a frigate).

The active tank was about 66% of the Enyo dps pre buff on Void ammo and nearly 90% against rats that were strong vs blasters.

Now it’s about 33% (against rats weak to void ammo) to around 50-60% (against rats strong vs Void ammo).

So vs rats weak to void you’re doing double the damage than you would against them in the past.

The ADCU mod lets you tank the initial wave of frigate/dessie rat damage.


This is the best consequence of this change I didn’t expect. Thanks so much for letting me know :smile:


Glad to be of service.

Fly safe!


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:red_circle: Nothing of that is new. These belt haulers have been in EVE for ages and they have been dropping tons of minerals for ages. What’s the fuzz about? It’s actually quite astonishing that @CCP_Aurora doesn’t know about this. What’s worse? These old hauler spawns have better income potential than the much harder to deal with diamond rats. So much for awesome.


Incoming Nerf… :wink:

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The fun part is that the enyo now has enough dps to break battleship rat tanks reasonably fast solo. I know the haulers and such are nothing new.


:red_circle: The Enyo had that DPS before as well and all you have to break are the haulers not the accompanying BS. Funny thing that you mention “solo”, though. I wasn’t aware that “solo” is a thing now.

It’s about the Enyo…not the rats.

Btw the Enyo could not have won that fight to secure passage for the Kyros pre buff.

yes the Enyo could do that pre-buff, but not with a viable PvP tackle fit…at which point, why use an Enyo for ratting if you can’t respond to fleet comms.

Try to think a little deeper.

You can:

PvP and fulfill your tackle role.
PvE and make 10-20mil per tick, without having to dock and change ship/mods.

:red_circle: Well, firstly, I find it quite astounding how happy you are about a frigate that can create as much ISK as a Cruiser. Last I heard, CCP is worried about the incoming amount of ISK. So, this Enyo is out of balance. Nothing new here, of course.

Secondly, I fail to see how an active armor enyo has any issues dealing with these rats and work as tackle in a fleet. Even a shield buffer enyo works just fine if you want more DPS. Rouge Drones are notoriously bad at hitting fast moving ships.

(pre buff)

You had to fit mag stabs and neutrons to kill the rats +heat before reload + fitting rigs.

Now you can fit normal armor tanking mods + ions and kill the rats, no heat. Dps rigs, only 1 mag stab + tank

Also with shield buffer you won’t have proper tackle mods.

You can probably now dual prop as well (scram only) with electrons and 2 mag stabs + dps rigs, and still kill the rats. There’s A LOT of options available now that allow you to belt rat in a PvP viable fit.

Your kidding right? Your aware Enyo needs more skills than your average cruiser right? And costs more?

The Enyo also has to manually pilot into blaster range of every ship, greatly reducing the ISK/hour.

It’s not a ship I would chosoe to rat in (for the sake of ratting). But it’s the one I choose when my standing fleet needs small tackle on standby.\

Also I have to be very active to push 18mil/tick (average). It’s usually 11 mil/tick if I get up and make coffee/real life stuff/etc. Active also means careful use of ancillary armor rep, ADCU and heat, so I’m not wasting time docking up to repair. 18mil/tick requires maximum attention.

what’s even more disgusting is the lack of awareness from CCP that null sec npc haulers have always made actual mining redundant to the eve economy. The amount of basic minerals is jawdropping for the amount of risk involved.

CCP’s solution? oh let’s make rorquals able to effectively solo mine. rollseyes

“oh look, cute enyo!” ~whoosh

you folks have to realize that this is the one thing that’ll go under the radar for CCP’s “shortage” phase, and the nullbears are laffing all the way to the virtual bank.


NPC haulers don’t add ISK to the economy, just materials that get rapidly consumed. It’s not an ISK faucet.

Same for officer mods. If anything the nps haulers are sinks (taxes/etc).

An enyo also can’t loot those minerals. There’s also very high risk of enemy corps (goons) swarming it to stop us (horde) from looting it. Especially in the 1S- system.

Reds were on the way (spais!) as we scrambled to loot it. We had two hictors go out and bubble the in-gates.

You make it sound like it’s easy effort.



Whats Rigs do you use?

Current fit is:

Light Neutron Blaster II x4 + 1 Hob II
1 Compact ghoul noseraftu

1 MN compact AB
1 Scram compact
1 Web compact (can be changed for tracking disruptor vs BB in PvP)

1 Small Anc Armor Rep (nanite paste)
1 Overdrive II
1 Vortex Mag Stab

Small Hybrid Coli
Small Hybrid Burst

Pulls 420 dps, 8kehp + sig/speed tank + 100 armor rep (overheat on anc). Has web and scram and therefore good for short point tackle.

Blaster buff allows for several different fits that are PvP viable and rat friendly.

But at least they will be active not afk.


This is not a thing to get worked up about. For someone flying solo it’s quite a gift, followed by a number of trips back and forth to pick it all up, putting ships and loot at risk. But to the overall economy, a mineral dump to a lucky player is not unbalancing, because its rare. A group of mining ships can hoover up EVERYTHING, continuously.