Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun!

LOL Takes time to write a large ranting post. Makes it so unreadable most people will skip over it.

Yes presentation matters.

Why don’t you buy 10.000.000 PLEX in sisi and give yourself a few years of omega? PLEX is like 100 ISK there.

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These changes could be interesting.

I believe you are over-complicating the nullification module.
Make it a passive module.
It is penalty enough to use up a low slot in a ship build.
But, if you still fill the need to “balance” instead of penalizing scan rez, targeting and drone bandwidth, balance should be achieved by penalizing warp speed. Hurt that and many will think twice before using it. (Hunters would have an opportunity to catch nullified ships.)

I support nullified shuttles. Please do not penalize warp speed here. A shuttle is a penalty all by itself. :grin:

What is the balance reasoning behind why you are penalizing drone bandwidth with these modules? I may be missing it but this seems random. How do drones tie into this?

I am not opposed to making a warp core stabilizer an active module seeing as you have upped its warp core strength.
As WCS will be an active module, penalties (target range/scan rez) should only occur while the module is active.
Because there will be a specific limit to warp core bonus strength (-3) a module can give a ship, there should also be a limit imposed on how many modules can be activated against it. (limit of disrupter/scrambler modules) Maybe 4 to 1?

o7 Fly safe… or dangerous!

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Seems to fix “problems” I’ve never heard from anyone playing the game. More unneeded and unwanted complexity making the game even more unapproachable for new players IMO.


The 1 module limit makes WCS completelly pointless as every gate camp will now have a navy maulus.


Hi everyone,

You may have noticed recently another update on Singularity, that has a few changes and fixes to issues discovered.

  • Entering warp no longer deactivates the Interdiction Nullifier modules
  • Removed Stealth Bomber group from being able to fit the new Interdiction Nullifier modules.
  • Added Tech I Industrial groups to be able to fit the new Interdiction Nullifier modules.
  • Adjusted the bonus on Interceptors, Yachts, and T3 Cruisers to 80% penalty for reduced target range and reactivation delay.
  • Added the new attribute for allowing WCS and Nullifier modules to be activated while under the effect of a stargate cloak.
  • Updated the bonus texts for the Victorieux Luxury Yacht, Malediction, Imp, Whiptail, and T3 subsystems.
  • Fixed an error with a ghost attribute on the Restrained Interdiction Nullifier.
  • Updated the attribute text for the Drone Bandwidth penalty to show the percent reduction.
  • Correct the expected reprocessing materials from Interdiction Nullifier modules

-CCP Paradox


Why :confused:

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Doesn’t really help with double bubble fcked gates when Inties have to wait almost the entire cloak delay before they’re able to go for the target in system.
The simplest solution would’ve litterally been to disable nullification with an active weapons timer.


I see CCP is still ignoring feedback from players and is continuing forward into navigating the game into the trash can. These changes, if they go live kills the interceptor completely. All of it roles will now be done better by other ships. How about listening to the players and the CSM about why these change are bad and then reevaluate if you want to continue down the path to the dumpster.


Can some please explain to me this, What is your beef against Ishtar players with WSC? I have never used one I must say. I ratted in HS and never felt safe, not by a long shot. I use a Vedmak with drones to Rat. I keep presing V (d-scan) , the moment some is 5 AU I am already aligning to the Station. If someone is cloaking camping the site I just relay in my Armor and CONCORD (a glorified scarecrow) to save my ass.

Was I safe ?

But I have used WCS in my Astero in WH and HS. I basically have the same gameplay. I thing (Ship, Probe) is Less that 5AU I’m gone. But the same ting if someone is cloaking camping the Relic or Data site I am death. WCS is my last resource to warp away, I normally have my attention split between the D-scan and Hacking Game.

If I pay too much attention to the D-Scan I’ll be slow in the Hacking therefore I’ll not make much profit and be more vulnerable.
If I pay too much attention to hacking , any one can jump me

This is a legit question, I am curious, was I too safe ? Now You are adding me one more task (active the WCS) that is not even 100% effective.

Are these Ishtar such a problem ? Am I ? Why don’t just gank ishtark with two scram ?

After jumping the reactivation timer doesnt show, either on the module itself, or on mouseover.

Bonus on T3C is on hull or subsystem ( I guess subsystem)

Any chance to make it high slot module?

The GoonSM asked for this.

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OMFG, this is a massiv nerf in conjunction with run duration bonus. Because it delays the cooldown start by 30s and makes it impossible to pass double bubbled gates, isn’t it?

@CCP_Paradox Ok, so the new bonuses have made the ships which are traditionally nullified usable again. But the ships without the bonuses still run into all the problems detailed above. A gate that is bubbled on both sides will kill them almost every time. So why bother extending nullification to them at all if it’s essentially useless?

You still haven’t explained why CCP is obsessed with making everything active, and forcing players to be more engaged and tactical etc…on only ONE side of the equation. If the nullification has to be active, with a cooldown, then why isn’t the large warp disruptor getting the same treatment?!? Why is it that only the traveller has to do all the work?


Shuttle has passive nullification so it’s dead easy to pass such gates. No effort involved.

If the addition of nullification to shuttles is to make them the de-facto taxi service (subject to destruction of from smartbombers) then for the love of everything that isn’t annoyingly boring in Eve please at least increase their Warp speed to 10 AUs. Nobody enjoys travelling 20 jumps to get to content. The travel-ceptor made that more bearable… Shuttle warp speed is much too slow to assist in minimizing this numbing aspect of the game… (Please don’t suggest the Leopard, too costly for the average player to fit this role…)


What is the intended use case for the extended duration buff currently nullified ships get? Just a longer window to enter warp?

If the effect can’t last through gate jumps, all it does is make you wait longer until you trigger it again, because the warp calculation happens at the start of the warp, not the end, so a long duration is meaningless when you spend most of it in warp.


I’m not sight seeing in nullsec, I’m there to fight, hunt. My reply was about the ceptor nerf. Nullified shuttles and other stuff only eliminate the inconvenience for defenders of bubbling their gates. Only null blocs profit.


Agreed. Shuttle warp speed should get a buff.

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