Nullsec Alliance Recruiting

(Erytnicmcire) #1

Care Factor is a long-time sov holding alliance in the Provibloc coalition, and we’re looking for like-minded pilots and corporations to join us in our adventures in Eve Online.

We have a laid back culture, with a shared purpose to give our pilots a place to have fun building stuff, blowing up stuff, and defending Providence as part of the greater Provibloc coalition. Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) leads the Provibloc coalition, of which Care Factor is a proud member along with many other Alliances that have agreed to all defend and share the space together.

Being a part of Provibloc allows us to provide our pilots with a home in our well-developed nullsec base of operations, and access to all the great benefits that come along with being part of the Provibloc coalition. With players of all ages, interests and experience with Eve, we’re a mature organization that puts the player ahead of the game. We understand that not everyone can log in every day, and most importantly, that your time is your time, not ours. We generally don’t kick players for inactivity, rather we welcome them back when they decide to start playing again, because we value our friends above all. Many of us have known each other for years, though we are always looking for good people who want to join us in having a blast playing Eve Online. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please read our full description at the link below, and get in touch with us today!