OAP needing a Booster production reminder

I come and go from Eve, I’m a seasonal player. I’m here more during to winter months.

I have very lightly dabbled in booster production before and now I’m back for this winter I am looking to use up some of my excess supplies. I know there is a way of viewing local stations that have the facilities I need but I don’t remember how to find them? How can I find public stations with reaction capabilities?

I am currently in a station that lets me do basic reactions but is there a way of seeing a stations capabilities before i send half a day shipping stuff there?

If you show info on the station and check the services tab you can see what reaction types are supported.

Neocom > utilities > Structure browser > Service filter > industry

Hover over structures industry icon in low sec to see fi they have reactions tax. If they do. That means you can do reactions there

thank you so much!!

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