Observation on ganking & the rules

The question is, why did you think this?

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Then Im guessing you didnt research the game before deciding to play.

What made you interested in playing EvE, if I may ask?

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Well, no, clearly your idea of fun is sitting 100km away shooting missiles at red triangles by clicking F1.

Is it like fishing for you?

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“They are just this skilled”. Get over with. You won’t get them banned or penalized, many ppls tried before you. They are either 100% legit or they aren’t but CCP cannot detect it, which in the end is the same thing.

CCP makes a lot of cash on players like this too and their activity helps EVE in general so why would they ban them even if they are cheating.

It is pointless to make threads like this or finger point at them saying it is not possible. These players have a lot of support from community and CCP.

If you cannot multibox 20 gank alts, one bumper, one scanner and one loot fairy alt you are doing something wrong. :rofl:

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The thing about EvE, and its something that I have enjoyed as I continue playing the game, is that everyone is scheming to gain off another’s misfortune. Well, I take that back as there are some folkes that are awesome and genuinely care, but for the most part its kindof a given that everyone is trying to blow you up or find someway to take something from you or even do things out of spite to make you upset. It just goes without saying to expect that along with your ship & capsule incinerated when undocking. It shouldn’t be a surprise no matter where you are as the greed and hate will find you.

That is why I do enjoy the game as it makes you think about what you do before following through if you want to succeed. Don’t bling your ships out, especially, if your going into low sec. You do know Low sec is all ship to ship combat with other players, right? As soon as you pop in local they scanning and looking to see what your in, guaranteed. The only time I might bling a ship out in low sec, wh, or null is if i’m flying with others with a specific purpose.

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That’s totally possible, but you have to actually do it with a modicum of intelligence. Trundling out into low-sec by yourself in a lumbering loot pinata with no concept of how to either avoid or engage in PvP is going to end… predictably. There is no “PvE only” mode in Eve, so you have to conduct yourself accordingly.

You’re blaming other players, the game, and generally anything except yourself for the fact that you managed to get yourself killed four times in the same general area, flying the same ship, doing the same thing, all in pretty short order.

If you keep making poor decisions that leave you vulnerable to attackers while entirely failing to manage your risk, you’re going to keep dying. :woman_shrugging:

The solution is to make better decisions or, failing that, contract me your stuff.


Another thing, and I couldn’t keep from snickering when i saw this, don’t put a smartbomb on your blinged out 5 bill Kronos when doing anything in highsec. smartbombs are a great way to get concorded and used for suicide ganks sometimes or gate campers. Not saying you were thinking about doing this but maybe other readers will see it and save the day for a pirates feast in low sec. idk


You’re not wondering anything. You clearly don’t even have the intellectual capability to do that. You’re simply making wrong assumptions one after another, showing how utterly clueless and unable to differentiate between game and reality you are.

Only demented miserable losers unable to make any kind of rational analysis of anything would infer something like this from the fact that someone else may have fun shooting ships in a spaceship shooting game.

Only self-important self-entitled intellectually impaired losers would think they’re so special that, simply because they’re noobs, they should be treated differently from everyone else in this game when they go to low sec in a faction battleship.

You may rest assured that nobody that saw what you had to say here will care the slightest what your “opinion” about anything is.


Not necessarily. There really is nothing wrong with having come across the game for whatever reason, wanting to try it without having a clue what it’s about, and then learning as you go.

What’s amazing is how some think whatever bad happens to them has to be someone else’s fault and not something they could be missing, doing wrong, or making wrong assumptions about.

What’s utterly wrong is, if someone finds he doesn’t like the game for whatever reason after having tried it, then come to the forums to insult the players that do happen to like it and play it as intended, just because he’s unable to understand it, learn to play it properly, or differentiate between game and reality…


Well seems that you have your doubts too.

I believe that you failed to notice that I said I did not petition it, I just thought that they were getting sloppy with their cheating.

This always puzzles me in games, not just EVE. Sometimes you have players who are so bad they perceive even moderate gameplay as “hacks” because they somehow can’t make the connection that it is their own shortcomings so it must be the other guy cheating.

And I mean what we are talking about here is an extreme example of that. The fact that someone even has to explain how easy it is to do manually what he thinks is “suspicious” is super ridiculous.


Until it was written down, I totally forgot its what I do near automatically.


Id say it was most people, not some.

No one takes any personal responisibility these days


Ima lumbering loot pinata!

Thats the spirit!


You didn’t just say that like David in Alien Covenant did by chance? lol.

Unlikely, I never saw it because Prometheus was like a Love Island contestant.

Pretty to look at but utterly worthless in every other measurable way


Still better than anything else out there concerning sci-fi horror/adventure.

You must never have seen The Thing.

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