Observation on ganking & the rules

thou that shall do no wrong, that’s all everyone hears from you people (if you can call yourselves that)

It doesnt. There, we are even now, unless you want to back it up.

No, Im actually calling you incompetent. Presumably you lost a ship to a gank. Unless you are angry for some other reason?

I know them only through this forum. They arent even on my friends list so please, keep flailing.

And there goes any moral high ground you laid claim to.

you people meaning the decrepid gameplay tactics of your bot fleeting tactics, that simple no moral highground here, i call a spade a spade and you’re defending a turd

You may not impersonate or present yourself* it does violate it right there…first sentence

i didn’t lose a ship to a gank, i lost a ship to a bot fleet after they failed their first bot fleet then logged out fought somewhere else then logged in 3 seconds back on grid as otherwise concord would still have been there

Can we have a look at the Killmail?

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that’s about all i am going to provide an enthusiast of theirs

even scrolled down so the operator of said fleet is visible funny how his rank suggests he should be above using input broadcasing

Baseless accusations. I dont even gank.
You do know false reporting is also against the EULA?

Oh, thats a bit racist, isnt it?

Lol so Im impersonating the Queen of France by claiming it? Youre really clutching at straws now.

Sounds like incompetence to me. Were you afk that you didnt see them in local, d-scan or grid?

Seriously, file a report with CCP if you seriously believe your own slander, and stop being so weak, you crybaby.

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well i think youll find the very second they logged into local i went to warp turn my adapaptives on ansd ran my regen, i have with logs and screenshots to go with it as i’m not crying. i am making a statement of observations and stating that in relation to the EULA given that this alliance has repeatedly had the same actions all over in the last few weeks all found guilty should have their accounts terminated

i believe you are the one clutching at straws as it quite literally states exactly that

First of all, don’t confuse your own ignorance of the game with cheating.

AGBee is a fine Agent. I think it is pretty safe to say that he did not break any rules when he ganked you.

But you on the other hand did break the Code. I think it is pretty low to accuse others of breaking rules, when in fact you are doing it yourself.

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if it’s slander then why do i have screenshots of them admitting it? why did they try to bribe me , why were they so hell bent on it hmm?

Then report it and stop wasting time crying here.

Seriously, you have to be shrooming to be this upset about losing a ship.

Ofc, its someone elses fault that you are weak.
You just cant admit you failed, can you?

So, you believed them?

Guess you are a dumb as well as weak.

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being weak how did i survive their first attack? seems to me like you guys are the ones butthurt anytime someone calls out the narcissistic gameplay when they are clearly using an exploit it’s all over their attacks

Funny, I dont get ganked.

But let me guess, Im some how privileged because I dont agree with you.

Damn you are entitled as well as feeble.

i’m not the one who needs to try and antagonise others for a feel of enjoyment they added me to the chat, they were bragging, they put their own foot in their mouths no matter how you look at it, you’re just trying to claim though that shall do no wrong

The more you reply, the less traction your report might have.

You should consider that.

oh my that’s exactly their mentality of conformity with their extremist gospel, you should apply to be a priest for them