October ECM NOT Balanced

The pirate players are loving this! Finally, they can get that kill! Too many players have escaped because of ECM they say. This is about time.

I go omega, skill up, buy the ship etc… etc… And after all that you take ECM away from me. Now I can get webbed, scrammed then be forced to wait for his buddies warp in so that they too can take shots at me, and I don’t even get a chance to defend myself with ECM? Screw that. This is not balanced.

You realize ECM has limits? Multispectral are weaker and bursts while powerful have limited range. And if a player is worried about ECM then perhaps they should skill up and upgrade their ship’s sensors? So if a player is ECM’d perhaps they should have fitted a sensor upgrade instead of all those guns webs and scrams, or shouldn’t have gotten too close! SO basically I have to suffer because I skilled up ECM and they’re not prepared! This is rubbish.

As a customer, I’m livid about this move. I’m not paying for a service to be treated like this. So, I’ve already canceled my subscription. By November then I’ll be looking for a gaming company that treats it’s customers better.

can i have your stuff??

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To late you two. I caught up with him in-game, he destroyed all his stuff so no one would get his meebas. I still used hand sanitizer after i closed the convo.

Also, on a wordy related note. I am livid as well. The people who make hair conditioner for my wife has changed the ingredients. Now my chest hair generates a few volts of electricity every now and again. I’m thinking up a way to use this to my advantage. Maybe charge my cell with the excess power. Haven’t decided.



You know, it wasn’t quite balanced that those pirates had to put up with such a ‘feels bad’ mechanic like ECM. Imagine their rage at not being able to do anything when you jammed them but watch you warp off. Personally, I’m very glad the CSM and CCP, in their wisdom, decided to remove such a mechanic that created such sadness and frustration amongst so many players.


Try EA, Activision Blizzard or Ubisoft. I’ve heard they make great games which all of their customers love to bits.

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On that note, can we “balance” all other types of electronic and magic-warfare to miss 90% of the time and shut off your own ship or maybe let it explode 10% of the time because reasons?

I may then consider all types of electronic and magic warfare much balanced.

good idea

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Language, young man.

I’m sorry you don’t like this change. I felt the same way when they introduced jump fatigue right after I got into cap ships.

Good luck in your future gaming.

The ECM balance was a good start.

A lot of people train things that get nerfed.

I trained up the titan and DD skills back in the day because I wanted to DD through cynos to kill fleets of sub caps. That got nerfed. I didn’t whine about it like a bitch. I adapted.

Your turn to adapt. A rinky dink ECM skill or two is nothing compared to what some people have trained.

No, what they’ve done so far is go in half-cocked. And I love that I can legitimately say cocked.

ECM got straight up nerfed. It’s supposed to be accompanied with ecm boat survivability increases and reliability increases. But… guess what part didn’t make it into the game?

Personally I’m reserving final judgement until CCP says “we’re done looking at ECM for now”. Until then, I’ll voice that said improvements are needed. As it stands, ECM jamming is less useful than it was, with absolutely no gains. It was the worst of all of the ewar before, and it still is.


you mean the fatigue that has been so nerfed it no longer even attempts to achieve the intended goal?

hey guys we finaly made it so caps could be used on almost any scale by groups of all sizes!!! whats that null bears can’t spam caps all over the place? well I know that was the goal but we can’t have that

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