Of Death Stars and Bush

Harken, for The Great Beast speaketh now.

The Great Beast tires of half measures, marginal improvements, also-rans, new ships within the same old ship classes, etc. The Great Beast states that CCP has been indulged long enough in their risk-averse, non-creative, ill-conceived “maintenance mode” approach to Eve development.

In short, The Great Beast concurs: “This is BS, I want bush! Pan down!”

The time has come for Death Stars. Ridiculous, obscene constructs the size of moons. Able to store and carry Titans, as well as other capships. Indeed, able to serve as mobile bases, allowing docking, storage, and other services. Finally, with firepower capable of destroying… I dunno… hitherto undestroyable things, like moons, planets, asteroid fields, stargates, etc. (I’m guessing there would be a ‘regeneration mechanic’ for celestial objects).
Certainly a Death Star class ship could one-shot any structure.

The Great Beast wants to be able to state this:

Let Death Stars come. My will be done.

Not sure if troll…

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Begone! The Great Beast does not ‘troll.’

Pretty sure of troll …

Some definite weird people here

I vaguely remember discussion, once upon a time, of a mobile Upwell structure for FW.

100% troll

(pst Death Stars are called Iapetan titans in EVE.)

We cant even build a pallatine keepstar, how are we gonna build a death star?

Apparently those are one-of-a-kind things - only one can exist in the universe at any given time. Death Star class ships would be like any other ships in that if you have the money, resources, facilities to build them, skills to build them, blueprints, and time, you can build them.

HE’S A TROLL! BAN HIM!!!11oneone

Can we blow up the Deathstar with a Corvette like in Star Wars?

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Absolutely not. Out of the question.

Come on. I can’t believe NO ONE OUT THERE wants a Death Star class ship.

Then maybe only a character called Luke Skywalker can destroy it?

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Keep that man away!

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Only a troll sith deals in absolutes. :wink:

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Why build a DS when for like 0.0000000000001% of its price you can have hundreds of these: