Of the original terrans

I wish to learn more about them,so far from what I could recall of all the fragmented lore scattered among different eve stories and novels is that they used to like building big:the jove describe briefly ancient colony ships as being massive,the station which was discovered along with the abaddon jamyl sarum used was also more massive than any stations we have today.So what else do you know of them?


Most of what is known of them comes from the original intro, which is a good watch if you want to know more. They conquered the entire Milky Way in the span of a few thousand years, and obviously were incredibly scientifically advanced.

Not only did they build big, they built things to last; Some ancient stargates and the Terran superweapon Jamyl used were operable some 15,000 years after the disappearance of the terrans, without any maintenance. Jove Motherships are believed to originate from the time before the collapse, and are still in working order, though they obviously have had maintenance and retrofits over the years, so how much of original tech they have is anyones guess. And Jove were said to be the least advanced colonists coming to New Eden.
Considering the Talocan stellar engineering feats which they barely understood, the Terrans were incredibly advanced, able to alter space-time to some extent.


I wanted to give you some links regarding them, but it turns out the old EvE wiki which had a ton of lore is gone… Darn it :worried:

In general, Terrans serve the role of ‘Ancient Aliens’ in EvE. it there’s something ancient & advanced & we can’t link it to any known civilisation? It’s ‘Terran’

With that said, there are some Terran remains in New Eden, the most prominent is Caldari Prime. The homeworld of the Caldari was being terraformed when disaster struck & the EvE gate collapsed.
Outside of the incomplete terraforming leaving Caldari prime a habitable iceball, it also left the largest terran remains, namely massive terraforming machines spread across the surface, it’s machinery no longer functional & damaged/destroyed beyond repair & recovery.
And of course the tunnels of Caldari prime, long ago dug out by the Terran colonists & still in use by the Caldari as escape places (last used during the Battle for Caldari Prime)
However, thousands of years of tunnel usage did leave no retrievable nor salvageable tech.

There’s also the Matari Crystal plains, the remnants where the original massive colony ship landed, but that knowledge has been lost in time I think, not sure tho. Albeit they still have a part of the original terran station in orbit; now maintained by the Matari.

The Empress weapon & of course the station where ti was found (that you pointed out) is also known, but not much else about it.

Lats but most visible part: the collapsed EvE Gate, the wormhole that once connected the Eden cluster with the Milkyway is also Terran in origin.


However are the jove motherships originally built in the milky way?The jovian organic design doesn’t resemble the ships shown in the intro too much,in fact old concord models seem closer.

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I don’t think there is any official artwork of the Jove motherships so we don’t know what they look like, we only know that one of them was at the site of the Battle of Vak’atioth shooting massive green energy blasts that shattered Apocalypse -class battleships in one strike. Jove Motherships despite their name are progenitors of Titan -class vessels, whether this means the modern, smaller Titans capsuleers use or Iapetan Titans, I’m not sure.

Unless it has been retconned or the knowledge was unreliable in the first place, I recall reading from somewhere that Jove have three motherships, each of which were originally used as massive generation/cryoships to carry the Jove to the site of their First Empire. While the rest of the colonists struggled with the collapse of the ancient gate network and isolation it caused (sans probably Talocan and Yan Jung), the Jove slumbered through it all, thus surviving with very little technology lost. It is good to remember that the current, practically extinct Jove are of the Third Empire and the Jove regressed technologically each time, their current technology being a pale shadow of what it was at the height of their Empire.

Concerning the mother ships :

"…the Jove’s ancestors were some of the last to make the journey to New Eden, arriving in spaceships of relatively basic design. These ships had warp drives that could attain velocities only marginaly greater than light speed, relying on cryostasis for the survival of the colonists they carried."
Eve Source book.

"Third Empire /
… To that end the directorate oversaw the construction of three vast motherships, … chamber of cryostasis tubes built into their cavernous spaces."
Eve Source book.

Exctracts from the CCP book EVE SOURCE.

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A-ha. Okay, so I have mixed up two pieces of lore in my mind, the motherships aren’t exactly mega-ancient, but still at least closer to two-to-three millennia old.

I wanted to give you some links regarding them, but it turns out the old EvE wiki which had a ton of lore is gone… Darn it






Also this for any broken pages on the backstage wiki.


The original seven colony ships/motherships were used to ferry the Architects and the Enheduanni to Utopia (which by this time was already inhabited by the Jovians, with the Architects simply having been commissioned to build stargates for the Jovians), and were not heard from ever since they reached their destination. This information comes from Templar One.

The three famous Jovian motherships date back to a much later time, around the founding of the Third Jovian Empire. These three motherships are not from the same group of ships that the Architects and the Enheduanni used to travel to Utopia back then.

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