Who is the oldest races in eve online?

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Who is the oldest races in eve online, is it Earth to Jove (Other) Amarr Gallente Minmatar Caldari?(For Account Management :slight_smile: o7)

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Terrans (earthlings), but ofc they are just a myth and no one has actually proven then to be true. Mainly just the subject of rambling of mad men

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Terran > Jove > “x” > “x” > “x” > Minmatar

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Then I am a Rambling Mad Man :slight_smile: o7

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Then you get the Jove. They’ve had a few rises and falls.

At some point, there was a Yan-Jung, Sleepers, Talocans and the Takmahl.

I wish I knew more to tell you (I’m a bit rusty) but there’s some words to Google anyway.

The history lore is like my favorite :purple_heart:

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Rambling Mad Man :slight_smile: o7

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I’m not so sure Terrans are even a myth in New Eden. We (natives of New Eden ca. YC119) know that there’s a ruined structure we call “the EVE gate”, but we don’t know for sure that it is (or was) a gate, and we certainly don’t know what was on the other side. We do know that all four “races” (possibly five including the Jovians, but I don’t know if the other races have genetic data on the Jovians) have a common ancestor.

If anyone has anything that refers to Earth or Terrans, it’s the Jovians, but I’m not sure even they do.

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From what I understand, we’re all Terran. Jovians too.

What separated Ni-Kunni, Talocans, Jovians and whatever else was the big collapse day. Blew all of humanity on the Eve side of the wormhole back to the stone age.

Different civilizations had it better or worse than others. The Ni-Kunni come from Mishi IV and their world wasn’t quite terraformed all the way when the collapse happened. Groups like the Minmatar Tribes had an awesome world to start on. Yan Jung had a system (can’t remember the name of it now, starts with a D in Gallente space) with two worlds that were perfect for humans. Though they had something happen where both worlds became increasingly uninhabitable

Point is humans sort of started over on a few dozen planets with some having better resources than others, some got to space earlier like the Jove. Entire races disappeared at least for a while (Sleepers)

It’s pretty interesting :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Trying to think of a real world comparison… Capsuleers like you and me are to Terrans like you and I are to the birth of human civilization.

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For a long time i remembered that the Sarum’s super weapon (that she used in the battle of Mekhios) was old terran terraforming tech employed as a weapon, but now that i’ve been trying to find the source of that information. I didn’t find anything about it in the lore archives.

But i do know that lot of historians and researchers agree that we are not natives to this part of space and all of the races here have a common connection to the eve gate (Gonna try to find you a lore link for this) so even if we don’t know earth by name it is implied that we have a common point of origin considering how biologically similar we all are.

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The Yan-Jung appear to be pre-collapse, so roughly the same age or a bit before the First Jovian Empire.

The Sleepers are descendants of the Jove Architects and thus come after the Jove but prior to Amarr discovering space, or even conquering the planet of Amarr. They also predate the Third Jove Empire as them leaving seemed to be connected to the collapse of the Second Jove empire in the Shrouded Days.

Talocan are anchient! they predate the Jove as the Jove found the ancient Talocan tech in the fateful system of W477-P. Some of the craziest theories are that they created or destroyed the EVE Gate, and we know that they effectively created wormhole space.

Takmahl are basically precursors to the Blood Raiders, but they are still centuries old.

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AFAIK It was a shield imploder - so specifically a weapon - and it was mentioned in one of the books - Templar One I think? I don’t own the books myself so can’t check.

Talocan are likely another civilization that survived the EVE Gate collapse - and by survived, I mean they had no dark ages at all. Even the Jove had a brief dark age and regressed technologically with each empire collapse - there were 3 Empires, and the third came to an end recently as the Inheritance -chronicle reveals that the Jove are no longer and possibly in the past 10 years haven’t been a functional civilization, some of them (hundreds at most) apparently still exist in isolation and in hiding, but as a people they have basicly ceased to be, giving their inheritance - the Jove seat on the CONCORD council among others - to their “spiritual children”, Society of Conscious Thought.

Got a bit sidetracked there - Talocan, being a civilization that focused on living among the stars a a migrant culture never had the resource problems that other civilzations did. They managed to sustain themselves and kept most if not all of the Terran technology alive this side of the gate. Mind - Jove were considered the least technologically advanced factions that came to the New Eden cluster, and Talocan likely weren’t all that more advanced than the Jove, but as Jove societies crumbled, the difference became far greater.

At some point the Talocan decided to leave known space and created artificial wormholes and then entire wormhole networks - one apparent entryway to this network that the third empire Jove found several centuries ago was in W477-P. What is completely unknown is that where or how the Talocan vanished in the meantime. Sleepers are confirmed to be Second Empire Jove. Sleepers seem to have gutted and studied whatever Talocan remains still exist in Anoikis, but it is in my mind implied that Sleepers had nothing to do with the Talocan’s apparent extinction, and were just as perplexed as we are.

As for the main question by the OP, you could look at it this way:
Oldest in-universe known civilzations: Jove and their sub-empires and the Talocan.
First back to space after the dark ages were the Amarr, then the Minmatar, then Gallente and then Caldari.

It is a little remembred fact that Minmatar actually had a small space-age civilization spanning a few systems before their enslavement, and the first Minmatar spaceship was launched as far as 1104 years prior to the rise of the Gallente and Caldari as space-age civilizations.

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Empyrean Age

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Was it brought up in that novel though? Couldn’t even google up an answer. I thought they kept the lorehounds in a suspense for a few years about the exact nature of the superweapon - but as said, I could be wrong.

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I was hoping you’d find this thread! Yay

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Edit: Never mind, Teinhyr already said what I was going to say. Sorry… Interesting topic, please continue all.

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yes the novel was also named “The Empyrean Age”

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I know there is a novel named that, but I was under the impression it was not revealed in that novel, but a later one.

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The Jove are apparently at war with a race called the Enheduanni if I recall correctly…