When was the Jove race added?

Iirc last time i played (10 years) there were just 4 races

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What do you mean, jove race? The jove have been here since the beginning. If you’re talking triglavians, those have been in the past year, year and a half.


Lol, I had forgotten, as i said its been 10 years since I played last guess I just forgot about them. The other 4 races are more memorable (to me anyway.)


Jove are not a playable race that is why you forget them. Jove technology built the gates as well as CONCORD, and CCP plays as Jove if there is a need.


but you remember one point… the motherships of joves come back in the horizon anyday !!

This is a very racist thread. The jove race has been here since the beginning and was the foundation for many things in the eve universe.

For you to forget and minimalise their plight, for shame.


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