EVE First Ships

When the colonization began, what ships the humans used? I remember few years ago that i saw a chart the current titans that we have in the game with those ships and they were huge. Where can i find illustrations and the lore about these ships ?

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I believe you’re referring to these ships? These were the common vessels used in the colonization of the New Eden cluster by those that came to Earth, who go by the name ominous name of “Terrans”.

(Someone correct me if i’m wrong) There really isn’t much lore on them aside from that, they’re such a relic of the past that you can find wrecks of them in Relic sites you scan down.

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Basically it was so long ago no one knows for real. Even the name terran is considered a myth basically.
We have some art work as players and the ships above are used as models in certain sites for destroyed ships. Most of which it would make no sense for them to be even slightly terran.
So yeah its never covered in lore at all.


Those so called colony ships from that trailer are quite pitiful they look more like something ORE made for a ship.
As far as lore the terran were already fractured factions before they arrived in New Eden so each faction had different or slightly different looks in my opinion as far as ship designs and favored technology

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