Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

That is definitely short. But that’s ok! I’ll just find some random handful of FW people to overrule you!

We still, all those years later, have exactly as much independently-verified evidence to support that claim as we do to support a claim that in reality, the murder of thousands of Minmatar public servants, and even the Elder Fleet itself, was all an EoM plot to destabilize the cluster and drive the Empire and Republic into open warfare.

None. There isn’t a single shred of verifiable evidence that the murderers’ claims were accurate. There’s been no investigation of them. No accountability whatsoever.

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No, it troubles me to see people betray their nations.

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There isn’t anything to say otherwise either, I choose to believe in the word of the Elders.

That’s a staggering amount of supposition and assumption. I’d love to know what you base it all on. I have heard no leaders or elders of our tribe say they ‘knew nothing of the Elders’, or their existence. Your ignorance doesn’t translate to their ignorance, much like my crew and those under my responsibility remain ignorant of the vast majority of the things I know and act upon.

Oh, do the Triglavian meme worms still interfere with Upwell anchoring dinguses, so that capsuleers can’t place any new Upwell citadels in Pochven ?

I can see how that would… complicate… things.

I do not think it is confirmed to be “Triglavian meme worms”, but basically, yes, no anchoring stations in Pochven.

Drat! My narrative that CTRLV has never lost a ship, foiled! I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling Minmatar!

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While the killboard is a quite interesting tool to track records, the usage in the forums, specially to brag, may not be looked upon fondly.

Perhaps there are other ways to make your arguments, defend your perspective and send your messages?

Best regards.

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Bragging is bragging; when backed by empirical data, it is at the very least honest in substance.
Perhaps you could attempt to articulate by what means one can better rationalize both the cost they have paid in service to Holy Amarr, and the one exacted from its foes?

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I agree with the sentiment that humility is a virtue. On the other hand, I in the context of discussions regarding one’s capsuleer combat record… referencing the literal combat record is not only permissible, but required for intelligent conversation. Thus, when an individual with 1/5th my kill record and little evidence of flying logistical ships implies that they’ve got more combat experience, and that I should stop whinging and do things, it’s a little odd.

One’s reputation isn’t only built on kills. It’s also doesn’t rest solely on titles or history of discourse. Each is a critical pillar. To shroud the weak pillars with decoration and misdirection rather than addressing the root cause may work for a time, but will prove unwise should one attempt to ratchet the ceiling to new heights. If an individual is frustrated by instances where their public statements are not corroborated by the record, the best solution is for that individual to speak with greater care - not for all the public to burry the records.

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Where exactly do you expect to find such evidence, I wonder? Do you perhaps require witness testimony that remembers my almost continuous Scimitar and Basilisk presence throughout the long process of burning out every Goon in the north? Or perhaps through the entire campaign of putting an unfortunate end to Co2 and the first operational and defended Keepstar in New Eden? Or perhaps when giving Init enough grief in Syndicate that they needed to call in their Goon masters? Perhaps when teaching Providence not to play with Keepstars without letting their own bloc know about it? There’s quite a bit more to New Eden than the warzone, Vektor.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have at no point attacked your record, and if you’re so damn insecure in your posting and stance that you immediately retreat into “I’ve spammed more frigs into the FW kiddie pool than you” that speaks more about you than anyone else. I don’t care about your combat record. Most capsuleers of certain ages in New Eden will have one and after certain numbers the diminishing returns will have long since kicked in.

Not that I mind my public records being public either. If someone who knows what they’re doing reads them, they’ll find that it matches both my words, stances and principles one to one. Now, if I were to start pointing out certain losses to Tetrimon forces in your alliance… does that match the publicly stated loyalties of said entity, I wonder?

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Logistics losses In the record. Those who fly logistics ships in challenging combat often, lose them often. You don’t. This is hardly complex, but then again - your response is hardly surprising. If you were actually proficient in this, you would no doubt understand why droning on to me about your null exploits in the context of how there’s “more to New Eden than the warzone” isn’t really relevant either. If you have an actual coherent point you’d like to make, please cleave to it.

I already have, repeatedly. You have yet to respond to them beyond “muh skillboard”. This doesn’t speak well towards… well anything, really.

I’ll give it one last run and I’ll try to keep it simple: Are you actually expecting to realize your vision of New Eden with your chosen means? Do you think anything you’re doing, here or in space, will actually get your targets to do what you want? By now, it really should have become clear that it’s counter-productive towards your interests.

if a logi pilot is on the ball, and is in a logi wing that is also on the ball, they… tend to not lose ships regularly at all.

Like, I’m fairly sure @Arrendis is a logi pilot, and doesn’t show up on the majority of reports of battles she’s been involved in.

Ofc, I am hardly an expert in that field, so I shall defer to the opinions of experts. Should any of them show up.

Arrendis has lost seventy four logistics cruisers, a relative step change, and a good example of the attrition experienced even by able logistics pilots.

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I really couldn’t care less what you idiots are arguing about, but at least two of you have taken my name in vain now, so you’re going to have to put up with the consequences of that.

Arrendis averaged just over 150 fleets per month during wartime, and over the last 9 years has participated in roughly 10,000 combat fleet actions. This is skewed by the events of the last 18 months, given just over 2,000 ops over the 14 months of the war.

And you think 74 is a statistically-significant number? I lose ships on a greater percentage of capital ops than I do flying logi. Train your logi properly, and train your FCs to bring a proper number of them.

As for the example of Deacons and Kirin in destroyer actions, stars below learn to fly the better hulls. Small hulls benefit far more from the signature reduction of the Thalia and Scalpel than the miniscule improvement in armor or shield buffer that the Deacon and Kirin get. Add the lower top speed of the buffer hulls, and… ugh. It’s no wonder Mikal loses so many of them.

You throw ships worth roughly as much as pocket lint away because your FCs let you fly garbage hulls, and you want to compare that to real fighting? You think you have even the first damned clue what the attrition rate is among real logistics pilots? Just stop. Stop using your trash-tier experiences to try to claim expertise. Your little rat-fleets only find those pathetic little slap-fights ‘challenging’ because you’re too freakin’ incompetent to know any better.

And yes, Miz has the kind of experience you’ve got, and then some. She’s flown in the warzone. She’s hunted solo in and out of the warzone, done small gang work all across New Eden, and participated in some of the bloodiest fighting in the cluster. But you dumbasses are so hung up on crap like a killboard that doesn’t even capture every kill unless someone manually feeds it the data that you decide that you can tell if someone’s got logi experience by looking at when they explode. You can’t.

Seventy-four. You think seventy-four losses over ten thousand fleets is indicative.

Idiots, all of you.


Well, that was my point, wasn’t it ? That you don’t show up on the reports of the vast majority of actions that you are in ? Like, that’s 99.3% of actions you were in, you did not lose a logistics ship. Therefore, asserting that you lose logistics ships “regularly”, is kind of silly, no ?

I get lost near the ruda… regularly

If you’re looking for some semblance of rationality, I’m afraid you’re barking up the wrong tree. As I’ve said before, simply blocking this individual does wonders for the quality of conversations in this forum.

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