Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

What do you mean?

I take it then that it was a LUMEN member that commanded your fleets of typhoons these many engagements?

A lesson you’d think Aldrith, at least, would’ve learned by now.


If tomorrow, I exclaimed that Ushra’Kahn an alt-alliance of CTRLV and insinuated that their assets really served the Empire, do you think there’s any corner of New Eden sufficiently remote for me to escape the laughter that would be broadcasted from every loyalist vessel?

If you’re so determined to use “strawmanning” in every criticism, you might endeavor to actually comprehend the term. For example, you’ve insinuated that LIP attacking an EM structure on the grounds that it is an enemy stronghold and not a “bastion of the empire” is as egregious as attacking an Init structure and claiming it’s not an Imperium asset. I’m sorry to interrupt you as you hurriedly stuff straw into this analogy, but it’s not comparable in the slightest. Init is a subsidiary entity of the imperium. EM is not a subsidiary of the Empire, nor of EDENCOM. The structure flew the flag of enemies of the throne. So long as this is true, there’s not an entity that could claim ownership of it (save the throne itself) that would cause my guns to swivel away from it. This is the extent of my resolve, and no, I do not expect you to understand it. It doesn’t matter how often you insert “pitiful” or “pathetic” or “stupid” into your narrative, its still just noise all the same. Please see that your cacophony is concluded.


That would be quite laughable. Fortunately, that’s not the kind of thing anyone’s claimed yet. Have anyone involved claimed any of the others to be “alt-alliances” or anything of the sort? They’ve been claimed to be in a coalition against the invaders, and that the asset in question served as a coalition asset in Pochven. You know, that place where people are fighting enemies of all four nations?

No, see, again with the actual strawmen. It’s said that it was a Lux asset. “Bastion of the Empire” is your wholecloth invention. This is why I call your nonsense out like this, because you just utterly disconnect your narrative from reality with this nonsensical tosh, when you could simply say that you disregard your nominal allies’ coalition and wanted to hit Electus Matari.

These are the simple facts of the matter. You struck a Lux asset, knowing that it was a Lux asset, and this is perfectly fine. I’ve seen and been part of far heftier internal and external… let’s call them diplomatic troubles. This is well within the rulesets of our little freelancer conflicts and frankly to be expected. What remains pitiful is the attempts at dissembling this and making it out to be something else than that. Your allies, Imperial loyalists who’ve been fighting these Triglavian/Kyber enemies of our nations, including your Throne, have clearly stated how the asset in question has functioned and been used.

Why, I must wonder, is it so important to you to try and make it out to be different than what everyone involved knows it is? Why can’t you just own your motivations and choices, acknowledging the conflict it creates with your supposed allies? Why can you not acknowledge what these other Imperial loyalists are doing and saying?

It smacks of a certain insecurity that you can’t deal with reality as is, and need to play such pretend for the sake of the public.

Grow a pair. Own what you do.

Oh really?

Care to rethink these statements? Or will you opt to… how did you put it…

Acknowledged outpost of its loyalists =//= Bastion of the Empire.
Not even you can pretend those are even close.

Try again.

It literally reads “outposts of the Empire and its loyalist capsuleers”.

It does not read: “outpost of its loyalists”.


Anyhow, when two parties are conversing and one cannot be linked quotes from the record without patently omitting words when they reference it as to bolster their point, the time for civil discourse is over (if ever there was a chance for it). I won’t be seeing your posts again.

Outpost =/= Bastion.

That’s it. Build your little safe space. Blinders, earplugs with soothing music and a thumb to suck on.
Won’t have to deal with pesky things like reality.

Comments like this. . . . are kind of making his case.

90% of your posts seem to consist of calling people various iterations of “stupid,” wrong," or “bad.” I’m sure it’s very cathartic to have a forum you can dump all your raw vitriol into, but it doesn’t make a very compelling argument for why you shouldn’t just be permanently ignored.


Well, which point, though? He’s consistently been misrepresenting things here. His latest ‘point’ was that Miz is being deliberately dishonest, and that’s why she should be ignored. And what is he citing as that dishonesty? Omitting words when referring to something he quotes, even as he himself alters words to make claims that something was said when… it wasn’t.

He claims ‘Bastion of the Empire’ wasn’t his phrase, and to support that references a tabloid posting that… well, doesn’t include that phrase at all. Then he quickly moves to scurry away from the discussion, because he really has nothing he can argue with in his own defense. Nor is it the first time he’s done it.

He makes grandiose claims that he can’t support, then when the fact that he’s blatantly huffing fedo farts gets called out… he whines, deflects, invents things people didn’t say, and finally runs away, tail between his legs. All while insisting that those fighting on the front of one of the Empire’s wars are cowards because it’s not the war he wants them fighting in, and the Empire’s allies in that war are ones he likes to shoot at.

Look, I’m the last person here who’ll say that Miz doesn’t have a tendency toward… aggressive judgment of people. She absolutely does. And she’s just as capable of being wrong as any of us1. I mean, that doesn’t include one or two exceptions who insist on being wrong about damned near everything, I suppose. But even so, just because she can be wrong doesn’t mean she is, this time.

1. And, obviously, it doesn’t include me, either, because we all know I am infallible, brilliant, selfless, and above all, humble.


To be clear here; Mizhara is not speaking as a member of Lux Invicta any more than Mikal himself is. She is a much more direct anti-Amarr warrior, location classified, but not like pretty much everyone does not know which planet beginning with F she’s spent most of her time at this past year.

Not that it makes her wrong here; it most certainly does not. As more or less acknowledged by the Yassavi above, this discussion, for the Amarr Militia, is not about figuring out facts. It is to bait into being words they can then quote, out of context or in, to use as weapons.

I am stating this because proper understanding of background of allegiances is important to be able to follow the nuances of any conversation, and to assume that all of the Sisters who speak here speak with the same connections would be a mistake.

(I might be off-topic here but at least I am that in the right thread.)


A beachhead is not a bastion.

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The Yassavi above acknowledged that the purpose of a particular question was to extract a shameful truth or obvious lie.

You seem to have extrapolated wildly from that.

I pride myself of being as capable as anyone, but I’ll be humble enough to admit theory and practice are different things, so my lack of experience in being wrong does work against me in this field.

On a more serious note, I am indeed not connected to either side of this conflict, be it Lux members or Pendulum participants. These boards these days simply serve as a place of idle entertainment for me, and ridiculous narrative spinning tends to catch my eye. Most who’s opinions would matter to me already knows this well, and those who don’t… well.

Offending the weak sensibilities of Kybers and LiP does not really register as much but amusement.

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You know, it occurs to me, that… there isn’t a word for the concept of a volume of space held by friendly forces in enemy space, to be used to attack enemy forces.

There are the words “bridgehead”, “beachhead”, and “airhead” which derive from land, amphibious, and aerial warfare on planets, but there isn’t a word for an equivalent for interstellar space warfare, is there ?

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I just use the same word as I do for a beachhead on an actual ocean, myself. “Forward operation base” is I believe standard for bases themselves?

Well, yes, but, you know, the Imperial Navy has been conducting operations in space for 2000 years, you’d have thought there’d be a word in Amarrian by now for this concept.