Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

For spreading a public slander against Caldari State officer on a public media and bringing in false accusation in a crime not through a tribunal case, you will be set as wanted unless you surrender yourself to the proper authority to answer for your crimes. Flying around Caldari warzone in any sort of warship that can fit guns, including mining vessels will be considered as refusal to surrender to the law and you will be shot on contact just like other pilots suspected in piracy.

Have a nice day.

Depends on the breed. Some smaller hound breeds, intended to work at vermin control, catching rodents and other vermin, are pretty great as companion/pets.

Those yappy ones bred purely to fit in handbags, with no underlying work purpose, those are very questionable.

Doesn’t matter how smart or wonderful they are. They’re little. ie: not-so-great.


You only say that because it’s true.

Also, because you missed the joke the first time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That you not go making futile gestures you know will have no actual impact out to be some kind of significant step you’re taking as a clever and principled stand.

If you want to do something to make yourself feel better, fine. Just be honest about precisely how little impact you’ll make in the process, and don’t try to play it up like this deep and meaningful protest action.

Two points. First, every gesture is futile until it isn’t. Second, I don’t know whether my actions will have an actual impact. How do you know that they won’t? Do you have a back channel to Lai Dai that we should know about?

Because toxic waste is far from the most volatile or dangerous substance capsuleers often amass in their hangars, including in places like Jita, or the Lai Dai stations in Inoue where I lived and worked ten-something years ago. Some of those horribly dangerous things are still in those LD stations, and have been for a decade, without anyone so much as blinking an eye.

Putting toxic waste on the market? That just earns a ‘Damn, eggers be crazy, yo.’

LD hasn’t challenged the legality of selling toxic waste, though. She’s still got her orders up, as she’s said.

As for the rest: sacking monasteries and medical centers is bad. We have exactly no chance of doing feck-all about it, though. Anyone claiming otherwise is just posturing, and you know it. Lai Dai doesn’t care what we think, and they don’t have any incentive to change that fact.

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Dude, do what you want 'cause a pirate is free! You are a pirate.

I mean, you couldn’t even back up a challenge you made to me in public. You said - name the ships and location and you never showed up.

Chicken Noises

So I guess you’re not the honourable Caldari officer at all, but a scurvy swashbuckler who can’t even turn up for a duel.

Yar har fiddle-dee-dee, being a pirate is alright with me! You are a pirate.

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Take a couple of days off and ■■■■ starts hitting the fan on the IGS. I can’t leave you kids alone, can I?


Nomi, if I say that “most of us” something and you say that “well, some of us,” don’t something, that’s not contrary, that’s additive. “Most” is not “all.” “Most” leaves room for others, which would be the “some.”

Congratulations on your reading comprehension… Hope it was worth becoming a pedant…

Not as much as it was worth you becoming an asshole, I guess.


I love how you can always, without question, and without fail, find passive aggression all over the IGS. It’s like junk food that I shouldn’t be eating, but man.


I’ve had my limit today of people prying apart my inability to voice my thoughts coherently when my head is ■■■■■■■ trashed… As I’m one for extremes at current, here’s an ultimatum: Give me the opportunity to rectify it without public lambast, or kindly die in a fire…

Then stop being such an passive aggressive child every time you reply to somebody.

The same applies to you, warmonger.

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You’re walking on a road. You’ve been hiking for a walk, or walking for a while, and things aren’t too terrible, but you have room on your person for a few more things, but your shoulders are tired, and you’d like less weight. On the road, you come across something: a cool looking rock, or stick, or whatever. It serves no purpose other than being satisfying to get, despite having weight.

Nomistrav, every time the opportunity presents itself, you pick up that rock. You pick up that stick. It doesn’t matter why: you pick it up anyway. Every time. It doesn’t matter who or what, but you pick up the rock. You wouldn’t feel so tired if you stopped picking up rocks.


No-one else will.