Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

It’s true though. Even for a Civire, who have a tendency towards monolithic cuboidism, Ax’l is a strapping lad.

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What are the Caldari? Horrific oppressors of the Achuran people who must be Reclaimed.

Cold Wind favors the strong.

I’m glad somebody got it. :slight_smile:

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What is a traditional Khanid sparring/martial (either barehanded or melee) art?

Khanid wrestling dates back thousands of years, to before even contact with the Amarr. The sport being a way to practice the skills for war, and to build strength and endurance.
There are several traditional forms, each associated with particular regions of Assimia, the continent on Athra (Amarr Prime). Those regions of Assimia being the ancestral homelands of the ancient Khanid tribes.
The exact rules of each form vary, the commonalities being that to win, a competitor must force their opponent to touch the ground with a part of the body other than the feet, and that good sportsmanship must be observed at all times, such as the competitors shaking hands before and after a bout, and allowing (and assisting) an opponent to adjust their clothing should it become loose or entangled, even if that means giving up an advantageous grip.


Count me in!

Okay. You, me, arena. Lets see how good of Khanid you are.

Wresting a woman would be indecent and degrading.

I don’t think women are even allowed to participate in traditional Khanid wrestling.

I am not “a woman!”
I am a Soldier of the State!

Looking through my copy of “Khanid Tribes During The Reclaiming” (Hedion University Press, AD 23145)

Female soldiers are not permitted to participate in traditional Khanid wrestling.
The name of the sport of wrestling isn’t even consistent across the extant sources.
The most common name translates most closely to “Solidness”.
Which is one of three martial arts described in ancient Khanid writings, the others being “horsemanship”, and “archery/accuracy”. Some sources describe them as “the three manly virtues”, others “the three arts of war”, others “the three manly skills”. The translations of these ancient Khanid languages is difficult and inexact.
Skill in horse riding and archery was important during the early Reclaiming, where Khanid horse archers formed an important part of the Imperial Army, as well as Khanid infantrymen.
And while women were permitted to learn archery and horsemanship, primarily for hunting purposes, and sometimes compete in those disciplines, and indeed to serve as soldiers to protect the camps while the men were away at war, they were not permitted to wrestle.

All the more reason to see Nauplius subjected to such degrading treatment.


He is scared that I would beat the ■■■■ out of him

That was actually I who challenged him.

What if I dress myself in traditional Khanid male military (not official without any regalia or insignia) uniform and will participate anonymously?

For sure they don’t ask participants to undress to figure out their roles in childbearing, do they?

I can even wear a fake beard.

Like that would stop me doing that anyway.

The man is a coward. He cowered behind Aria when I confronted him after he was invited to an awards ceremony. Aria is only 147cm and an Achur to boot. So much for his supposed notion of superiority.

The traditional clothing required for wrestling purposefully exposes the front of the chest, seemingly in order to show that the participant is not a woman.
The exact reason for this is unclear, indeed, it might even have been a legend, rather than a real incident.
There is a reference in one source, to an incident alleged to have happened some 1500 years before contact with the Amarr, where two tribes fought a mutually-destructive war that caused such depopulation that it led to the subjugation of the area by the Udorians, after one tribe had sent a particularly large and muscly woman in disguise to compete in the other tribe’s grand championship, which she won before tearing off her clothing and exposing her true nature, thereby humiliating all of that tribe’s men on one of their most holy days, in front of all of their gods and spirits. The insulted tribe was not going to take this, and immediately went to war.

But suffice it to say, there is no legitimate way, for a woman, any woman, disguised or not, to participate in the traditional Khanid wrestling. Not in the festivals that take place where Khanid communities still follow the ancient traditions.

You might be able to participate in a mixed-sex “khanid-style-rules” wrestling competition, but that is a completely different thing.

I didn’t want to mention all this, because fundamentally, I am not Khanid, and it is not really my business to Amarrsplain the intricacies of Khanid culture to a non-Imperial citizen.

In fact, I consider it slightly odd, that I am having to explain to a Caldari the importance of respecting someone’s native culture and traditions, and not seek to twist them.

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So what, same @Ax_l_Thorne has way bigger chest than me, would you call him a woman?

On the other hand, I do not intent to participate in any activity that would leave my capsuleer implants exposed. That’s just outright indecent.