Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Nice twist but it’s not at all comparable.

Not me. I’m a slave to the rhythm, boyo! Ugh! Aw yeah! Get yo’ bad self to the dance floor! Uh!

(Actually, I can’t dance at all.)

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It’s maybe inevitable that they would, though. We’re still human, after all. Just because a thing would be wise doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

It might even be safest to bet against it happening.

I believe that Lord Crases is often treated with an immense amount of hostility by my brothers and sisters of the Faith. While undoubtedly he has committed many controversial acts over the last year, and while we are quick to castigate, there is, in fact, a saving grace in Lord Crases’ conduct.

For does not the Almighty, whom is all-powerful, have the agency to work through such as Lord Crases? Admittedly, I am no great theologian, but I would argue that it is through Lord Crases himself that the Faithful can rest assured that God exists.

The proof?

For is it not an act of Divine Providence that a Providence in Providence should be forcefully decommissioned by Provibloc? Surely, no one would be capable of such a lapse in judgment except if God was working through them. For miracles are made manifest in mysterious ways.

Now, does this excuse Lord Crases of his many sins against Imperial Loyalists? No, of course not, he must show remorse and atonement. But credit should be given where credit is due and so I thank Lord Crases for demonstrating in the month of May YC121 that God truly exists.

So that’s where that load of Scorch L I misplaced went.

On the other hand. There must be plenty of room left over in his skull.

Atleast he stopped obsessing about the thighs of the Vherokior.


Good point.

It’s probably in your best interests not to remind him.


This is worth mentioning separately.

Well, Professor, which is it? Does the “Ruling Conclave” who were so terrified of the light of the faith from sharing their names have the same wishes as you personally—the only one who shoulders the weight of the promulgation? Your words certainly imply otherwise.

However, it is worth mentioning that you seem to demonstrate that you maintain some moral integrity and perhaps it is possible you see the folly of AM’s current untenable position. If such is the case, then I am afraid I have been uncharitable to you personally and the obvious blame for diplomatic and public relations ineptitude sits on the shoulders of the other members of the “Ruling Conclave.”

I believe, Professor, you would do well to abandon AM entirely. I believe you would find that both your reputation as an academic and a loyalist would recover drastically as a result.

Happy anniversary, darling!

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Don’t worry. He found something new to obsess over.

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Atleast you aren’t clothed in The Empress’s New Clothes.

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It’s just the standard toot and parp about appearing righteous and loyal that is so important to them. They’ll holler about being loyal to the Empire even if they had a poisoned dagger behind their back while shaking hands with the Empress. Best just to ignore it.

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Yeah, and they already bent over backwards fellating Chakaid in Amarr local. We really don’t need their toadying here, too.

Is that vow really that strong if they have to reaffirm it once or twice a year? I mean, I swore to protect our Republic once when I left the RMS and don’t need to reaffirm that every year. I simply do it because I swore to that one time and still have no regrets nor second thoughts…

Repetition is all about instilling it in people. The more you say it, the more you start to internalize it.


True. The empress has reason to want to reinforce notions of loyalty; there’ve been a couple dramatic incidents the last few years.

And, it probably seems particularly important with major changes underway.


It’s not uncommon, either. I mean, these more public jubilee/IGS postings maybe seem significant to outsiders, but this kind of repetition of oaths happens regularly in Amarr. You pledge to your liege, and his house, and the emperor, and God. God especially. We do that several times a day.


It is perhaps as strong as the individual making it. The reaffirmation of faith is something you see in all times and places when you are immersed with the common folk of Holy Amarr. Take a shuttle baseline sometime, and you will see and hear it.

Remember one of the most crucial passages from the Code of Demeanor:

"Be Respectful. Uniform Thought is the Way of Life. "

It is not enough to be pious, for that alone was not God’s commandment. Faith is to be shared.