Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Wow. 3000 posts.

thanks for the reminder.

Excuse me, but I am not a joke.

I am a meme.

And Yes, it was wit, but it’s not like CONCORD have provided anything more factual, is it ?
There’s CONCORD reports that the news says are distributed to senior figures in the great powers, but that info doesn’t seem to trickle down, does it ?

sighs as he scrolls down the list of topics in the IGS before copying a link and pasting it here
I can’t be the only one that remembers this thread, can I?!

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Don’t see why this “Divinity Social” malarkey is even a thing.

What happened to traditional dating methods ?
Just stick an advert in the Mikramurka Motorcycle Magazine:
“Lady with own motorcycle seeks mechanic. Must have own sidecar.”
Blammo, you’ll get lots of people with similar interests, and who are good with their hands.