Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

How about let’s not?


Let’s not what?

What has been seen cannot be unseen.


Mark the calendar. For once, I have to agree with you.

I can’t help but think the concept of that film was made with two specific people in mind.


This may be my popular culture knowledge being somewhat… obfuscated by my New Order past but I honestly don’t know who these people could be.

Whilst I am… uneasy with the adult content, the storyline does seem somewhat appealing. I’ve never seen a romantic holoreel before so I am looking forward to it.

When/if this comes out, we must have a viewing party at the Deck.


I’d still watch it. Who doesn’t like love stories?

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You’re a whole lot less funny than you think, Rhiannon. If it weren’t for the specifics of your day job, I’d tell you not to quit it.

If you think your mockery of me gets to me, you’re mistaken. So go on and get it out of your system. It just tells me that I must be doing something right.

Love stories are fantastic when they’re not mocking you outright.

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Why do you feel that such a thing is mocking you, Elkin…?

Likely because it suggests she would deign to entertain the misplaced and manipulative affections of an enemy of her Empire, people and faith, betraying each in turn. It is a clear parody and perversion of her image and reputation. A bit like suggesting any of you tribalists and sympathisers would fall in love with Orlon Zashev.

It’s a tad insulting.


I wasn’t actually trying to get at you, but it’s not like I mind that it worked?

Quite the pretense you’ve established for a holoreel that hasn’t even been released yet, Newelle… It’s a shame really… I think it says a lot about how callous you’ve become…

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Callous? Is it callous to fire a laser beam through ■■■■■■■■ when I see it?

I am sorry the fun police is here, but when the crime is against my colleague and family friend, I take mild offense.


No need to apologize, Newelle… I’d expect you to take offense regardless…

Still, I for one look forward to the experience… Closest thing to peace we’ll have seen in quite some time; that’s worth a fair shake…

Stop patting yourself on the back like this little film is anything more than a bad joke and thinly-veiled attack on an enemy.

Stop being a slimeball. If you have anything to say about me or accuse me of, just ■■■■■■■ do it, coward.

Closest thing to peace… What a joke.

Is that before or after you disconnect the channel…?

Who knew making a movie about members of PIE would cause this much drama? I shoulda actually invested in a entertainment division for my corp instead of, ya know… Blowing our coffers on ships and guns.

@Tyrel_Toov @Claudia_Osyn is it too late to invest in the entertainment industry?

Hang on, this isn’t about Kittens?

Nah. Parodying a head of state, a public figure? That’s fine. Going and using mass media to smear an individual pilot is a dick move. I don’t care who you’re trying to smear, it’s a dick move.


Only if I can subvert expectations and be the Gallente actress who doesn’t end up topless in every movie I’m in.

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Ok. You gonna answer the initial question?