Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Yes, you did.

I already did, once:

You opted to bow out of the issue and hold your silence. I’ve adhered to your own standards: those you feel have slandered you, you challenge and insist they must come to you. Very well then, as the person who has been giving offense and slandering the Minmatar, you must come to me. I am more than willing to arrange a suitable time with you, and still wait to see if you will allow me choice of weapons. After all, you are a highly trained combatant with a demonstrated combat record. You should be able to handily defeat me with whatever I choose, no?

Neocom message is coming in a second.

Just saying, inviting me in a system where I will be detained didn’t sound serious.

That is not my problem. That is a complication you have created for yourself with your actions. I see no reason to allow you to evade the consequences of those actions.

Please don’t be stupid. When I call people to fight, I don’t tell them to jump into Caldari Navy facility where they will be shot on contact for trespassing.

You do, in fact, insist they come to you. Right now my corporation and I are still seeing to the security of space around Matar after the recent Blood Raider attacks. I will not abandon my duty to allow you to hide from the consequences of your own actions. You will come to me, or you are a coward.

Are you really that dense? I thought you were more… sensible than throwing challenges from behind the backs of your Navy, jumping and squealing behind them like an annoying furrier.

But fine, I’ll entertain you. If you don’t fight in a neutral location for both parties, I’ll just pick what I usually don’t choose when I want to give people a chance.

I choose weapons.

Personal handguns, no armor.

Personal handguns? So I can use my own? Or would you prefer we use matched dueling pistols? And if so, do you intend to supply them, or should I? Do you prefer chemical propellant, maser pistol, or blaster?

Well, at least she avoided having to fight with a 5-kilo maul…


You are an indie capsuleer. Stick to the designated areas and you will be just fine.

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But you can’t fight in ships in there, and usually it’s my preferred method.

You’d be surprised the sorts of spaces you can rent in the capsuleer areas of stations.

It’s almost like they know we’re insane.


Drop the Militia and fix your standings & sec status and you can go anywhere in CONCORD-controlled space.

Wasn’t exactly cheap to get all of our current outfit ready to deploy in Thebeka, but it’s perfectly doable.

@Anna_Stjornauga, please excuse me, I was wrong.
You fought with honor.


Unacceptable!! Disgracing!!

I guess responding to challenges is not all that important to you then.

It is important. But smart and honorable people will always manage to find a middle ground that won’t cripple other party.

You fought with Little Anna?

Is she alright?

Yes, we discarded weapons quite fast and just beat each other a bit.


Consider the matter settled, Commander.


I don’t know whether this is the appropriate thread for this but replying in the original topic is obviously out, so here goes

That news item is missing where and when the casting is. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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