The Rise and Fall of Caldari Providence Directorate

The Rise and Fall of Caldari Providence Directorate

  1. Introduction.

Provists, so many feelings this word brings. From hatred to love, from admiration to dissension, from glory to failure. There are no Caldari without opinions on the Caldari Providence Directorate, even myriads of foreigners have something to say on the topic. Regardless of what we feel about them, we can all agree that they are an inalienable part of our history, and their influences on us are undeniable. They forged the modern State as we know today. Who were these brave men and women in dark blue uniform? How did they get this power? Where did they go? We will try to answer these questions today. But first, we need to review, how did the State look

  1. before YC110.

For the last two hundred years we have been manifesting the ideals of independence – mainly, from The Gallente Federation, who tried to subjugate us. This led to the great war, which lasted over a hundred of years with the peace finally being signed only in YC12 with the Tierijev treaty [1]. The war was over, and there was no reason to spill any more Caldari blood – we won our independence and survival for The Caldari State. There was, however, one controversial topic: our home planet, Caldari Prime, remained under Gallente occupation. Back then, it was decided that bargaining with Federation over it wasn’t worth the cost of open warfare and resigning from the treaty. After the war, we began basking in our profits. In the following hundred of years the State grew from a tiny rebelling faction, barely fighting for survival, into an interstellar Empire with military might comparable to other CONCORD signatories. Back in the day, our ideals were governed by practicalities, by ways of obtaining profits. We slowly started to lose what we were as we were torn from our roots and tossed into space to become only machines of self-perfection. This made us strong, unbelievably so, compared to our former selves. Unfortunately, we were absorbing too much from others without thinking of our own fate. Soon, corporate leaders began accepting the very same depraved luxurious Gallentean way of life which we fought against so vigorously two hundred years ago.

Patriots, however, found a way to counter this infection of affluence; by utilizing the same method by which The Gallente were distributing their propaganda to the State citizenry: the tactical employment of the entertainment industry. The first attempt at reviving Caldari culture was with “Raata Productions“ by Kaalakiota Corporation, which failed. However, on their remnants grew a new giant: Echelon Entertainment [2], which succeeded in popularizing ancient Caldari culture. Targeted, primarily, at the executive audience, in the end it was just common workers who began absorbing native ideals, while executives treated it mostly like a sort of leisure. Now, the word “Caldari” started to mean not just “one who is from Caldari State”, but also a descendant of an ancient, rich, proud and glorious culture. This could have had a lasting positive effect, if the changes were brought earlier, but before that the economy turned for the worse.

In early YC110 Caldari economics began rapidly sinking [3], Kaalakiota went down by 9%, Lai Dai – by 5%, Wiyrkomi by 6% - they all issued profit warning. The unnerving were problems with Rogue Drones[4], in which we were blaming their makers – the Federation [5]. While the economic crisis was hitting hard on wallets of executives, it was hitting even harder on lives of common State workers. For example, in the Yoma system Zumol Chemical construction workers went on a strike [6], protesting against working conditions. Corruption, bribery [7] and nepotism were thriving in the State, which was taking ill-effect on the citizens, most of whom were just simple workers.

The situation was getting hotter every day, threatening to erupt… with violence.

  1. To not spill Caldari blood.

It all began in the early May of YC110 with worker’s revolt in the Armor Forge facility of Caldari Constructions [8], where workers, led by Tibus Heth captured the facility, taking the management and guards as hostages [9]. Years after the incident, we learned already that the revolting workers were on a suicidal mission, doing that instead of a simple suicide just to show everyone that the status quo shall not be tolerated. During the takeover, surprisingly, they didn’t kill any of the guards, preventing spilling of Caldari blood [10]. It was completely different than armed capture of the facility that professional military squads were taught to conduct. Moreover, the same former guards of the facility, spared by rioting workers, were the ones who joined Tibus Heth first.

Unfortunately, attempts to save Caldari blood from spilling were in vain, as the negotiator was shot by the Home Guard. He was evacuated by Tibus Heth himself, who with this display of courage became a national hero. This incident led to a massive riot from the workers, surrounding the facility, many of whom died during the confrontation with the Home Guard [11]. The riot initially took place only on three Caldari Construction facilities, but as soon as the feed of Heth’s heroism was broadcast, revolts began to break out through the whole State[12].

By all the predictions in this scenario rioters most likely would be killed in the end, yet we all know that history went different way: someone has bought all the Caldari Constructions actives and… transferred them to Tibus Heth [13]. Up to this date we don’t know who exactly did that, despite transactions shows name of Xavier Black, it clearly was a marionette figure, probably an alias of an anonymous high-ranked Caldari trader, who did believe in the ideals, promoted by Echelon. Getting access to the steering wheel of one of Caldari corporations and airtime, Tibus Heth addressed the nation, calling for Caldari Spirit, denouncing gallentean influence, which was decomposing our State from inside, blaming corrupt management and promising fair management in the corporation [14].

Tibus Heth was gaining popularity in the State very rapidly [15]. Yet, at the same time we can see rise of heavy anti-Caldari sentiment from the Federation, starting unrest on Caldari Prime with Gallente citizens attacking Caldari and sites of historical significance [16]. Caldari rioted against Gallente racism, but met with deadly force [17], and eventually racial hatred spred from the Federation to the State [18]. It was stopped only by Otro Gairushi’s speech [19], in which he called troublemakers, who were attacking gallente, enemies of the State. Tibus Heth, actually, with all his hatred to Gallente, forgave Gairushi’s attack on his person and even agreed with him, that the situation shall be deescalated [20]. Unfortunately, the Malkalen Economic Summit[21] that Otro Gairushi had planned to improve State-Federation relations, ended with disaster, when Federal Navy Admiral Alexander Noir rammed his supercarrier into the station, killing Ishukone CEO with over four hundreds of thousands other people [22].

Both Otro Gairushi and Tibus Heth were trying to unite the State under one banner, and only with Otro’s death under hands of those, whom he tried to build good relations with, the State woke up. This tragic moment of death also signified a birth of something new, a new organization, named “Caldari Providence Directorate”, nicknamed “Provists”, has risen. And the first corporation to stand under its banners was Ytiri [23].

  1. The Directorate

After the takeover of Caldari Cosntructions, the corporation was stripped of its management completely and the new CEO needed a new team to rule it. Tibus Heth began assembling it from the workers and former guards of Armor Forge, who were at first his opponents, but then were ready to follow him, who were eager to return back native ideals of Caldari to the State. This phenomenon was not localized to Caldari Constructions anymore, people were following him everywhere in the State, they wanted to join him even outside of Construstions. This was a sign of growing new brotherhood of people united by the same idea, not contained by one corporation or block. It was a nation-wide movement. Of course, at first they were only Construction workers, responsible for popularizing Heth’s ideals, men and women in dark blue military uniforms with the State emblems. It was them, who was spreading the news of Malkalen disaster and telling citizens of the State all the gritty details about the gallentean atrocity that the news channels were often omitting. And it were Provists, who first began Malkalen memorials [24].

Caldari Providence Directorate was the public face of patriotic ideology of Heth, that Echelon Entertainment tried to instill in State citizens. It was taking deeply more practical approach, not only by instilling the feeling of greatness in citizens, who were living in the poverty, but to change their lives accordingly and give them what they deserve. Every one of them were examples of a physically ideal Caldari with attractive athletic and charismatic personality, attracting now not just workers, but whole corporations. First of them were Ytiri, and soon the whole Kaalakiota, the flagman of patriotic thought and the curator of Echelon Entertainment themselves have joined the movement. The reception of Provists in Kaalakiota’s board of directors was so good, that they have signed off the Corporation to Tibus Heth, making him instantly not just the most influential, but also the most powerful man in the State [25]. It’s then he began inviting people into Provists brotherhood.

And it started the momentum. Soon all the Mega except the struck by disaster Ishukone have announced partnership with Caldari Providence Directorate, and Wyirkomi CEO Kuruta Irio openly said that “Tibus Heth and Otro Gairushi stood for the same ideals” [26]. And it was not just an ideological and propaganda move – unifying efforts of the whole State and restoring pride of the workforce, the collective effort was required to overcome the economical crisis that was destroying the State from inside. Eventually, of course, even Ishukone sided with Provists [27], starting the new era of the cooperation and reforms.

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  1. To spill Gallente blood

It would be unfair to talk about the Directorate without mentioning quite controversial topic of Gallente-Caldari relations that plagued our nations in the early YC110. As it was mentioned before, the Armor Forge revolt was a suicidal attack[10] with targets being higher echelons of corporate management. It was a classical situation, where upper classes didn’t want any change and lower classes simply couldn’t live like that. The revolts started to spread to all the State [12] and the threat of a civil war became real…

There was another movement going on the background. I myself, as a representative of a military slice of society, could not imagine how terrible our workers were living [6]. It could be a good reason for Federation to invade, as they did with many other nations, trying to liberate our people from “shockingly inhumane” practices, calling our employees “basically slaves” [28]. What Federation could not achieve two hundred years ago with military force, they tried with propaganda and luxury way of life, that was devouring our executives at the expense of the proletariat, that could now so easily be turned into mindless Gallentean electorate – a herd of grey people without past and the future. But then there came Echelon. The pride of the nation was rising, people were lifting up their heads, walking on the street proudly. The situaton on Caldari Prime was identical, just instead of Corporate managers Caldari citizens were exploited by Gallente, who owned everything on the planet. And it’s there, where the change of Caldari behavior became the most noticeable. Gallente people couldn’t tolerate Caldari, who suddenly began feeling themselves superior and the most radical of Federal citizens spilled on them their hatred [16].

Gallente started fighting Caldari, while Caldari workers started fighting against corporate managers. Two events has stopped the coming anarchy. Tibus Heth quickly realized that it’s time to switch priorities from attacking executives and instead uniting the State under the threat of a common enemy: gallenteans [14]. All following speeches of the national hero was leaning more and more towards fighting gallente influence and less towards expanding shism between proletariat and executives. Quite counterwise, his reforms were targeted on mingling people, bringing up workers into managing positions based on the merit and demoting executives for demerit. Switching their hatred towards external enemy clearly has prevented the civil war in the State and allowed the CPD to fix our society without spilling Caldari blood. The growing resentment between Caldari and Gallente was quickly defused by Otro Gairushi’s speech [19] and for a moment it was feeling that everything will be good.

But the situation exploded with Malkalen station, when it was rammed by Federal Navy supercarrier [22]. Even before this tragedy, during unrest on Caldari Prime many people were sharing the sentiment: “Our people have lived on Caldari Prime in peace since the end of the war. Why are they attacking us now? Maybe Tibus Heth is right; they just can’t be trusted.” [29] The lack of trust to Gallente was resolved by CPD by the quarantine of Gallente expatriates in Caldari space [25]. It really helped to defuse the situation in the State, however it exploded somewhere else where Provists hands couldn’t reach… for now: on Caldari Prime. Once again, by Gallenteans [30]. And while waves of praise to Tibus Heth and Provists rolled through the State, Caldari Prime began burning as fires of calmed by Gairushi racial tensions erupted again, where gallente residents, annoyed by Heth’s words, wanted to destroy native to the planet Caldari [31].

The common enemy, now so clearly outlined by the Federal action themselves, has became another uniting force. And Provist anti-gallentean ideals were gaining them even more popularity than ever, coupled with their initial ideals of restoring greatness of the Caldari, improving working conditions and saving the State from the economical collapse and mismanagement. They have succeeded, once again the State stood together, under one banner. And that banner was in hands of Caldari Providence Directorate. Now united, Tibus Heth has mobilized the State, preparing it for the final showdown against the Federation with a national draft [32]. And it was time to end Gallente racism on Caldari Prime and bring retribution for Malkalen disaster. The following liberation of Caldari Prime was probably the most successful war and military operation in general ever conducted in New Eden [33]. Welcome Home, Caldari! The liberation of Caldari Prime became the most celebrated day in the State [34]. All that was possible with uniting the State under the banner of Provists.

  1. And it was a wild ride!

The Caldari Providence Directorate was not just an organization that was uniting the State, they served as Tibus Heth elite guards, it also acted as an elite counter-intelligence division. They have very quickly cleared the State from multiple hostile agents right before the war [35]. The reforms that the CPD was advancing began lifting up Caldari state from the knees, fixing the economy and lives of regular citizens. The war against the Federation was amplifying demands for military production, even more stimulating the industrial sector of the State. Independent audits of Provist reforms were showing improvements in workplaces across the entire nation [36]. Talent and dedication was finally rewarded. The CPD has undertaken the widespread industrial reorganization, focusing on various individual programs and reforms. The work forces were modernized, people were actively participating in the programs. It was reported a significant decrease in injuries and dissatisfactions in affected workplaces [37]. The change was welcome everywhere in the State, with only foreigners splitting their opinions on Caldari successes [38,39]. Profits of individuals and corporations were rising [40], morale was boosting. Some citizens were, however, worried about the integration of “Young Provists” program into Creches across the State, though it’s clear these concerns were groundless, fueled by Gallente press publications like [41].

Provists have gutted our empire and rebuilt it, retaining only the purity of the State. Tibus Heth was a Hero, he was a brilliant military strategist and orator, but he was not a person suitable for fighting in the corporate board rooms to push all these reforms, nor he really was the person behind that. These tasks were performed by the Caldari Providence Directorate and its Chief Operating Officer – Janus Bravour. I think it’s unfair we so often mentioning Executor’s name and not Janus Bravour. It’s understandable with how vivid Heth’s personality was, he was the inspiration, the Hero of Armor Forge, the Hero of Caldari Prime. But it was Janus Bravour who has realized all Heth’s ideas into life, saved the State from collapse and gallentean influence.

The core of CPD reforms was bringing Caldari back to its roots as a meritocratic society, removing nepotism-spawned inefficiency. Janus Bravour set in motion a series of initiatives to root out those undeserving of their positions and install in their stead people who had truly earned the right to be there. And with these changes the State once again became a trampling juggernaut of commercial, industrial and military might. The main goal of New Meritocracy was to make sure that no matter which rung on the ladder a person occupies, they stand at least a fighting chance of making it to the rung above them. Social status has lost its power in the State. And the economic growth from these reforms was undeniable [37]. Unfortunately, Janus Bravour has left us too early and the reforms initiated by the CPD were in danger, as too much of the planning was laying on shoulders of one man. The CEP, however, took the flag and established a Reform Guidance Board (RGB) to oversee Provists program [41]. But they barely survived a month. Due to lack of will to work with the board by corporate representatives, RGB was dissolved, passing reigns of the reforms back to CPD [42]. The pause in delivering of the reforms caused by Janus Bravour’s disappearance brought the momentum down and critics of the regime lifted up their heads [43].

And yet, Caldari Providence Directorate was blooming. They even offered training services for the former slaves in the Empire [44]. In YC111 CPD hands reached State Military with reform proposal [45] that was necessary to ease costs of Caldari Prime occupation – it was taking about 15% of the fleet’s transport capacity [46]. The reforms were clearly overdue, with ground forces before being just a poor sibling of the Navy. Despite that the reforms were welcomed positively only by Patriots [47], they clearly gave that power to State Armed Forces and Peacekeepers as we know them today.

Very soon the State Protectorate has secured the last Gallente stronghold [48] and the war in low security space was technically won. However, instead of continuing the advance, Caldari Providence Directorate simply auctioned off the systems to major Megacorporations, without going to waste a single ISK on holding their authorities [49].

  1. The beginning of the end.

It’s hard to say where the decline of Caldari Providence Directorate has started. Some people believe that with the death of Janus Bravour [41] the Provists were never the same and were just shadow of their former glory. Others think that Heth’s decision on bringing Haatakan Oiritsuu (former Kaalakiota CEO) back was their undoing. Then there was new Gallente President – Jacus Roden, who quite openly was speaking about invasion on Caldari Prime in violation of the treaty the former president has signed [50]. People like me would likely mention lack of action after we have secured the warzone in YC111 [51], that led to slow stagnation of Protectorate. Instead of bringing the war further and forcing the Federation to unconditional surrender, we just sat there like ducks, waiting for them to occupy our systems again, the morale over the years past that was slowly declining, with whole groups starting to go AWOL in YC114 [52].

Of course, lack of protection caused FDU to re-emerge, systems were burning under guns of Gallente occupants once again and soon it became obvious, that the money that Megacorporations have invested in the development of captured systems are not going to bring any profit, costing them quite a fortune in early YC112 [53]. These losses probably were the basis for the following accusation of “embezzlement” that CEP incriminated Heth with to use it as a political leverage.

Of course, we should mention here the emergence of Mens Reppola, who was showing quite vivid anti-Provist points of view [54] and was clearly against holding Caldari Prime [55]. It as well signified with rise of dissension and criminal collaboration with the enemy among ranks of Ishukone Corporation in YC111 [56]. Speaking about Ishukone, one of their capsuleer daughters have caused quite a vivid revolt with Anti-Provist rally on Malkalen V already in YC 115[57]. Luckily, it was subdued quickly and troublemakers were arrested or killed in action. Such anti-Provist demonstration, however, was a sign of resentment towards successes of Caldari State from capsuleeers of I-RED alliance, allegedly loyal to Ishukone. On the other hand, in the past they were known for collaboration with FDU alliance [58] and fighting against State Protectorate forces [59]. While bringing this episode is essential to study relations between CPD and capsuleers, I don’t think it can really be a measure of Provists failures and it didn’t contribute at all to their following downfall.

On the other hand, there were more incidents, notably an attempt at Tibus Heth’s life in YC114 [60], but again, the impact wasn’t serious, the attack was supposedly committed by Gurista outlaws [61]. Then we should mention fights against mercenaries that were happening all throghout the State with CPD and Caldari Navy. Notably, during one of such battles even Mordu’s Legion stood against State military forces, joining their efforts together with such outlawed entities as Angel Cartel and Guristas [62,63].

Then, of course, there was a schism with the unrest of Kaalakiota’s workers in YC115 [64], almost mirroring the initial uprising in Armor Forge – though that unrest was holding at first peaceful intentions, it didn’t last like that for long. It was taken down with brutality of Oiritsuu by Home Guard and State Peacekeepers [65]. And while such practices were typical for militarized units, Heth’s old guard came into power under slogans to prevent Caldari blood from spilling. But even that was only sparking resentment. Before we talk about the real reason of their downfall, we need to address one more problem, that was often brought by anti-Provist activists.

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  1. Provists and Dragonaurs

Templis Dragonaurs were always a secretive organization, and there’s little chance we can get their point of view on what has been happening since then. Moreover, with them becoming outlawed in the State their secrecy became even stronger. They have existed since the times of Tikiona states, and they have earned their infamy with the demolition of Nouvelle Rouvenor during the war of Independence from the Federation. After the signing of treaty of Tierijev in YC12, as one of demands the Federation asked to announce the organization as outlawed. There were not a lot of sentiment towards them from Caldari, since, after all, they were partly responsible for the bombardment of Caldari Prime, provoking gallentean monsters for that atrocity with an atrocity of their own. The demands were met and the peace was signed with Templis Dragonaurs becoming an illegal organization for both nations – and remains so up to this day.

However after the treaty was violated by Adm. Noir and the new war has started following this rule became somewhat controversial: Templis Dragonaurs were probably the most vivid anti-gallente organization, and they wanted to help us in the war. Dragonaurs were repeating Provists words, they were following ideals, instilled by propaganda by Echelon Entertainment, as still they were outlawed. With people praising Provists, with people listening to Echelon, fighting against Dragonaurs seemed to be unwise, while there was a real enemy outside our borders. Soon Dragonaurs could be noticed walking freely on streets without fear of being detained by security officers. Their ships were flying in space. They became semi-legal Caldari State corporation, who still was on one hand – outlawed, on the other – working alongside Provists and State government, helping in the war. Former Dragonaurs were freely joining CPD, they were joining other corporations, they were joining crews of our spaceships, just because we were giving them chance to “kill more gallente”.

Only after Provists were disbanded the CEP “reaffirmed” TD as “terrorists” [66], which was purely a political leverage move. Just being a terrorist doesn’t really follows with immediate sanctions, but the organization never really stopped being an outlaw. This move has prevented TD from appearing in space to protect Tibus Heth and Provists, CEP has secured their coup from escalation.

  1. The fall.

Why this coup was possible in the first place? I think the full blame for this we should put on the personality of our Executor. While he was a hero and a brilliant military strategist, he did nothing to fight for his power – and to hold it. He got his power first only because one of his fans bought the corporation for him [13]. Corporations were handed [23,25] to him, and the rest of the State followed him [26,27]. He quickly changed his rhetoric from fighting “corrupt state executors” to fighting outside enemy, uniting all classes of Caldari society with one purpose. But it would be unwise to forget what his initial goals were when he captured Armor Forge. The reforms that CPD have conducted during these five years have achieved most of them, cleansing the State from ideals of luxury and nepotism on all the levels of society… except the very top one. The families that were holding Megacorporations initially were still holding them. Nobody touched CEOs themselves… for now.

Jacus Roden kept his promise and in violation of treaty he has invaded Caldari Prime, destroying the guarding fleet on low orbit, almost causing extinction level event on the surface with his actions [67], that started with surface invasion [68] and ended with one of the largest atrocities of Federation known to this day [69]. Furthermore, after treacherously coward address of Reppola to Gallente senate [70] to turn the planet into a demilitarized zone to legalize Gallente’s conquest of almost half of the planet [71], Executor Heth has denounced Reppola’s actions, blaming him in consorting with enemies of the State and has promised retribution for defacing of Kaalakiota peaks and gallentean atrocities of operation Highlander [72]. Unfortunately, the treacherous Ishukone CEO signs a treaty with the Federation, perpetuating their occupation of almost half of the planet [73]. While Tibus Heth with Lai Dai CEO have refused to sign such humiliating document, it was brought into power by rules of CEP operations.

To deal with insubordinate CEOs, Tibus Heth proclaims new plan - to nationalize megacorporations [74]. And that was it. Suddenly all corporation leaders became his enemies – even if not declared openly. They were sharks of the business, tearing apart everyone who stood on their way to power. In YC110 Tibus Heth was their way to power. In YC115 he became one who tried to take away their power, and they will fight for it. They were doing that all their life. Tibus Heth did that… never. He was just a soldier and MTAC worker without any ambitions for the power. There was no Janus Bravour anymore behind his back to fight boardroom games for him. Instead his closest associate now was Haatakan Oiritsuu – one of top sharks of Caldari business, who could not lose an opportunity to get her Megacorporation back.

And they grabbed the closest opportunity to strike – they tried to represent the suicide of Adm. Yanala with the help of Tibus Heth as a murder [75], fuelled by gallente vision of the events, that comes in discrepancy with traditional Caldari vision of the Ceremony. The results didn’t have to wait. During the speech that Tibus Heth tried to give in regards of his actions [76] someone from the crowd (probably even hired to do so) hurled a bottle at the Executor, starting a riot.

Tibus Heth showed his incompetence in the fight for the power, completely ignoring his new enemies, and not even attending a meeting where his fate was being decided [77]. Instead, he assumed control of one of his (Caldari Constructions) stations in Haatomo, preparing a hostile operation against the Federation to take back Caldari Prime… all by himself, where he met resistance of his own workers [78,79,80].

Meanwhile, Megacorporate CEO have conspired against him [81], and in his absence he was denounced and ousted by Kaalakiota [82], which shortly returned back under Oiritsuu’s control [83]. Lately they would call for Heth’s arrest under pretense of a number of fabricated accusations [84], but the story is not about Heth himself, but CPD, so we won’t stop on them. All that ended with the disbanding of CPD by CEP and dissolving the position of State Executor [66].

  1. Aftermath

Following the disbanding of Provists, they had no other choice, but to submit and return back to their former positions in Megacorporations, that’s what was expected from officers of their stature and people who were representing ideal citizens of the State – to work for Caldari, disregarding position and the name. There were others as well, who decided to “keep” their name of “Provists” and instead of submitting to the State, they stole ships, causing the following “hunt for Provists”. I do not consider their actions fitting Caldari Providence Directorate, and I ask you, dear readers, to not call these ship thiefs Provists, despite they called themselves like that. Committing a theft, they stopped being Provists and became Gurista. It was their name. Provists were those, who were working for the State, not against it. It was a gallente propaganda that was trying to depict them as “thugs” since the first days, and it is understandable – they represented the Strong, Powerful State. They made us strong, and by that it’s them who represented themselves as the largest threat to Gallente Federation.

  1. Conclusions

Provists… so many feelings this word brings. From hatred to love, from admiration to dissension, from glory to failure. Regardless of what we feel about them, we can all agree that they were inalienable part of our history, and their influences on us are undeniable. They brought us New Meritocracy. They lifted up State economy, preventing economic collapse. They have prevented the civil war. They have united the State in the face of common enemy. They liberated Caldari Prime. They reorganized and upgraded our army. They removed the nepotism, plaguing the State. They forged the State as we know it today. And they disbanded, as the CEP ordered them to. So let us remember these brave men and women in dark blue uniform by all the good they have brought to our State.

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[36] Independent report will show progress from Heth reforms, Scope, YC110.09.08 ((OOC ref:

[37] Audit of Heth reforms released, Scope, YC110.09.18,


[38] Federation split over results of independent audit, Scope, YC110.09.19 ((OOC ref:

[39] Independent audit receives mixed reception outside the State, Scope, YC110.09.21 ((OOC ref:

[40] Caldari citizens speak out about reforms, Scope, YC110.09.23 ((OOC ref:

[41] CEP Establishes Reform Guidance Board in Absence of Bravour, Scope, YC110.10.10 ((OOC ref:

[42] Reform Guidance Board Dissolves Amidst Recriminations, Scope, YC110.11.15((OOC ref:

[43] Caldari Economy Stymied By Uncertainty, Scope, YC110.12.03 ((OOC ref:

[44] Caldari Providence Directorate Offers Access to Training for Former Slaves, Scope, YC111.01.07 ((OOC ref:

[45] Caldari Providence Directorate Submits Military Reform Proposal,Scope,YC111.04.17 ((OOC ref:

[46] Report From Navy Logistics Command Details Costs of Occupation, Scope, YC111.01.23 (OOC ref:

[47] Mixed Reactions to the CPD Reform Plan, Scope, YC111.04.22 ((OOC ref:

[48] Caldari Militia Seize Last Remaining Gallente Militia Stronghold,Scope,YC111.06.05 ((OOC ref:

[49] Heth Auctioning Development Rights of Conquered Federation Systems to Caldari Mega-corporations, Scope, YC111.08.11 ((OOC ref:

[50] Caldari Leaders Wary of New Federation President, Scope, YC111.12.03 ((OOC ref:

[51] Tibus Heth Awards Caldari Militia with National Distinction, Scope, YC111.06.15 ((OOC ref:

[52] Amidst the ongoing vigor of the great factional war, there is a strange undercurrent of dissention and disappearances, Scope, YC114.05.17 ((

[53] Caldari Analysts Predict Economic Upheaval, Scope, YC112.03.11 ((

[54] Light On The Horizon In Ishukone CEO Crisis,Scope, YC111.01.19

((OOC ref:

[55] Ishukone Watch CEO Speaks Out About Caldari Prime,Scope,YC111.02.03 ((OOC ref:

[56] Provists, Tribunal Raid Ishukone Offices In Oimmo,YC111.02.17 ((OOC ref:

[57] Anti-Provist Rally Sparks Civil Unrest On Malkalen V, Scope, YC115.02.05 ((OOC ref:




[61] Heth confirmed in stable condition as CONCORD confers in closed session, Scope, YC114.12.03 ((OOC ref:

[62] Mordu’s Legion and Angel Cartel join Guristas in offering to aid Caldari targets, Scope, YC115.02.12 ((OOC ref:

[63] Mordu’s Legion intervenes in Caldari ground combat, escapes unscathed, Scope, YC115.02.08 ((OOC ref:

[64] Reports of unrest among Kaalakiota factory workers, Scope, YC115.02.27 ((

[65] Home Guard and State Peacekeepers attack defenseless protestors; CONCORD intervenes too late, Scope, YC115.03.01 ((OOC ref:

[66] CEP dissolves State Executor position; Provists, Scope, YC115.07.09 ((OOC ref:

[67] Federation Navy mount full-scale offensive against Caldari Fleet in Luminaire, Scope, YC115.03.22 ((OOC ref:

[68] Contact lost with Caldari Prime, massive surface offensive underway, Scope, YC115.03.22 ((OOC ref:

[69] Shiigeru wreckage impacts Caldari Prime, surface situation unclear, Scope, YC115.03.22 ((OOC ref:

[70] Caldari Prime relief effort continues, Ishukone request access to devastated planet, Scope, YC115.03.24 ((OOC ref:

[71] Ishukone access to Caldari Prime approved, full negotiations still ongoing, Scope YC115.03.25 ((

[72] Heth responds to loss of Shiigeru and Ishukone contact with Gallente senate, Scope, YC115.03.26 ((OOC ref:

[73] Caldari Prime agreement reached; militants to depart, Scope, YC115.04.02 ((OOC ref:

[74] Tibus Heth proclaims vision for “single solidified State”, Scope, YC115.04.19 ((OOC ref:

[75] Breaking News: Yanala forced into Tea Maker Ceremony, Scope, YC115.05.25 ((OOC ref:

[76] Tibus Heth’s Yanala speech cut short by riot, Scope, YC115.05.27 ((OOC ref:

[77] Heth does not attend CEP meeting; Provist leadership vanishes, Scope, YC115.05.29 ((OOC ref:

[78] Breaking News: Provists seize Haatamo station; Tibus Heth leading, Scope, YC115.06.10 ((OOC ref:

[79] Siege of Haatomo continues; Provist intentions unclear, Scope, YC115.06.10 ((OOC ref:

[80] Siege of Haatomo enters day 2, Scope, YC115.06.11 ((OOC ref:

[81] Private funeral held for Visera Yanala; Megacorp CEOs attend, Scope, YC115.6.13 ((OOC ref:

[82] BREAKING NEWS: Tibus Heth denounced by CEP, to be ousted as KK CEO, Scope, YC115.06.14 ((OOC ref:

[83] Oiritsuu appointed interim CEO in Kaalakiota press release, Scope, YC115.07.30 ((OOC ref:

[84] CEP, KK call for Heth’s arrest, Scope, YC115.07.19 ((

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