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(Teinyhr) #2502

Ah, me great-grandpappy, “le chef de terrible”, the Gallente called him for his awful cooking, he was aboard a Scythe when they had to fire his precious kitchen sink and assorted other kitchen utensils plus a Fedo out of the artillery cannons when they had ran out of ammo… Reportedly, no immediate effects were observed despite perfect hits, but Amarr later found a derelict Maller with everyone onboard dead from botulism. Or Fedo farts.

This story is true*.


My great-granddad actually didn’t fight in the Rebellion directly due to grave injuries he suffered during the first days of it, that had paralyzed his other arm and due to lack of proper care had his other leg ossified in a slight angle, making his walking difficult as well. Nevertheless he set out with the “Merchant Fleet”, the fleet arm that procured and distributed supplies among the rebels.

(Diana Kim) #2503

If I will be shot with a spoon, I will be… amused.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #2504

Rule #6 : negotiations with both your enemies and your allies should be done in privacy; the public forums are for addressing the general populace. (Sidenote: it is possible to make addressing the general populace look like talking to your enemy, see “open letters”.)”

Elsebeth Rhiannon, PR101

(Kuba Ganowski) #2505

Yes privacy in the end!!!

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(Diana Kim) #2507

Arrive back where you came from. Meanwhile, moved your derailing to off-topic, so your attempt will be in vain.

Now, that’s quite amusing. There are some blogs where pilots tell about their life. There are narcissits telling about themselves… and here comes… YOU, to start discussion about ME and blaming me in doing so.
Excuse me for blunt question, but are you an idiot?

In fact, I just thought… I almost never reveal any information about myself, mostly just fighting off those fools who make up stuff about me. Maybe it’s time to change it?

Stay tuned, will do today!

Obsessed? Now where did YOU see that? It’s not me who was spreading slanders about Makoto almost every time I mention her name, it’s her doing that about me. Why you don’t say she is obsessed by me, but noooo… I am only stating facts that she’s a liar for spreading slanders about me. And in these cases where she dares to claim she’s trustworthy, I correct her that she’s not.

Slanderer means liar. Liar means can’t be trusted. Get it? I guess everyone else got it ages ago.

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God, this is not empty quoting.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #2509

Didn’t I warn you all about these mountain rams already?

(Alizabeth Vea) #2510

I mean, in training our helmets were a kilo and a half, easy. Coms systems added weight, so did masks. You made mention of a gas mask that weighed 720 grams. I said it weighed a kilo. Hardly a precise measurement. Factor in the carrying case and it’s probably pretty darn close. But no, I did not go get a scale to figure out how much it weighed. Given the gear I usually carry around when I am on the ground, adding a kilo isn’t even close to my just-noticeable difference threshold (when not in powered battle plate).

Military weights are usually described in such: nothing, next to nothing, light, pretty light, half a kilo, a little bit, a bit, a kilo(gram), not nothing, two kilos, enough to notice, three kilos, not light, four kilos, not heavy, five kilos, a little heavy, six kilos, why do we have to carry this for anyways?, seven kilos, it has straps;don’t worry, eight kilos, heavy, nine kilos, pretty heavy, ten kilos, is this made out of gold?, and so on.

I guess I’m just a little perplexed as to what we are arguing about, unless it’s just to argue?

(Rana Ash) #2511

Basically to me a kilo where to much :slight_smile: even for a civilian. ((I can imagen a WW2 mask weighing that much)) and the 720grams where more a precise weight. Considering all the more lightweight materials avilable, plus it’s fun to argue as well…

(Valerie Valate) #2512

If you’re going to equip the entire civilian population of a planet with gas masks you’re going to want to do it cheap. Which means the super effective lightweight things with nanomachines and stuff that top military outfits use aren’t likely to be an option.

(Valerie Valate) #2513

Yeah but no one listened because stories with goats in them tend to be scary stories.

(Alizabeth Vea) #2514

I guess I never really thought about a few grams here or there. We carry so much stuff already that a kilo here or there isn’t really something that matters.

Yeah, it all adds up, but not getting exposed to Deathglow is pretty high up on the list of good things. It’s worth carrying another kilo (or two or three) not to get exposed.

(Arrendis) #2515

As a chemical agent, you’d be exposed, not infected.

(Alizabeth Vea) #2516

Thank you madam editor.

(Valerie Valate) #2517

Once upon a time many millenia ago, the sheep and the goats and the other ruminant animals of roughly equivalent size, i.e. not cows, those beasts are pretty big, lived in harmony, led to the Promised Pasture by the Prophet Gheinok. And lo, in time, Amash-Akura the great Shepherd of his time arose, and with the assistance of the Sefrim, led the flock around the Promised Land, with Ametat the prodding stick, and Avetat the sun hat, and everything was good.
Then, the skies darkened, ominous red clouds billowed over the horizon, the moon rose and it was the colour of blood. An ominous goat of dread aspect stood before them. Molok the Deceiver had arrived. Molok, the Scape Goat, with his flaming hooves and horns of blackest obsidian. And lo! the flock was divided. The sheep went one way, the goats another.
And Amash-Akura said “by 'eck, that Moloks a reet bad’un.” and he called upon the Sefrim to help. But they didn’t. So Amash-Akura told them they could sod off then if that was their attitude. Which they did.
And lo, did Amash-Akura start setting about Molok with Ametat the prodding stick, and a righteous beat-down was delivered unto Molok, who had scattered the flock to the six corners of the world.
And when Molok was defeated and Amash-Akura stood victorious, he said “Right, that’s that then.”, and rounded up most of the flock of sheep.
Except the goats, who had escaped unto the secret places of the world.
And thus even unto this day, there are the sheep that follow the flock of Amash-Akura, and the goats who like Molok, choose their own way.

And let that be a lesson to you !

(Deitra Vess) #2518

@Diana_Kim , PIE, and anyone else who follows this:

Random question, why is flying other races’ ships such a big deal to you?

I would think as a warrior you would find the idea of proving you are the better fighter by beating your opponent with their own weapons as something. Not to mention the satisfaction of defeating your foe with their own weapons would mean something. It’s something I’ve been wondering for a while now. I’ve never really understood the self imposed stigma on, well litterally beating your opponent with their own stuff. Any insight on this?

(Diana Kim) #2519

Gallentean ships are disgusting and have terrible smell! Ugly forms! They are green like they’re covered in mold. I can’t stand them! Every time I am forced in these ships I feel like I want to drink to forget this terrifying experience!

From the more practical point of view - I simply love to make an example of excellence of Caldari Steel over silly gallente boats.

(Valerie Valate) #2520

the Gallente Thorax cruiser, and derivatives, has a forward section which people say is reminiscent of a wingwangdoodle, and therefore a bit lewd.

(Deitra Vess) #2521

Understandable on that point but still, if you can beat an opponent with a plastic sword when they’re using a handgun it says alot more of your prowess, ya know?