Off-Topic Thread

(Aradina Varren) #2322

I still get scared when I land on a gate and see it covered in neutrals.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #2323

Same. I just assume that everyone wants to gank me, and come away pleasantly surprised when they don’t.

(Kyle Saltz) #2324

This is why I believe that. In Null sec we have intel channels that broadcast reds for the entire region and then some. In provi we allow Neutrals in. Over time you get to know all of them or their corps and alliances. So you know who you need to watch and who you need to be wary on.

While in highsec you are lured into a false sense of security. There is Wardecs, FW, and gankers that will suicide gank you if they feel its to their advantage. Its impossible to know all of the nuets in Amarr or other regions. Try transporting goods from and to Amarr and Jita when Pirat and Mermite have decs against you.
Also if you live in null you know that region very well. You are comfortable with the area and know the map and the terrain of the area. You most likely have pings on all the gates and safe spots already laid out. Plus you have blue citadels in every system. If established you have caches of pvp ships in your home system in major spots on contention or places reds come.

So for me when I am transporting hundreds of billions of isk worth of goods in highsec during wardecs it does seem to be uncomfortable. I believe I said that after I did something like that. So you can make fun of me all you want. It isn’t going to bother me. Its an honest assessment of a personal view. Would you have me lie to you all?

(Melisma Ramijozana) #2325

I don’t think she, or anyone else here, is making fun of you. Not that I know her especially well, but she doesn’t seem the sort to post an uncredited comment here on IGS with the purpose of belittling the commenter.

Rather, we find it a striking comment, sort of an indictment of the common claim that “hisec is safer than nullsec.” Instead, the dangers are just different. For me, I don’t have those connections and safe spots in much of nullsec, so for me it’s kind of the other way around.

So basically, we’re all agreeing with you.

And if I were to offer advice on dealing with hisec, I’d say that assume everyone on your overview is trying to kill you. That way, you’re always ready, and never disappointed.

(Arrendis) #2326

I came close, but it wasn’t over his entirely reasonable view on the supposed ‘safety’ of highsec. More, the supposed ‘safety’ of Providence.

I mean, really, welcoming in just anyone? You might as well be Horde, fielding fleets of 80% spies.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #2327

Yeah, I had to go NBSI in low sec just in order to defend myself from all the people who would try to shoot me.

I mean, just because you shot first does not mean you were not defending yourself from strangers.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #2328

If you have to do that, you are not a very good low-sec pilot.

I mean, it is more convenient and requires less brains and leads to fewer moments of sheer wtf now, but if you have to because otherwise you lose more than succeed, or even lose too much for it to be sustainable, that’s just you being bad.

(Aria Jenneth) #2329

Um. Else? Just in case there’s some question?

It’s Veik. She’s making glib excuses for something she didn’t need any special reason to do in the first place because insincerely playing at being the sort of person who doesn’t kill people for fun (and, optionally, profit) tickles her ironic sense of humor.

I might possibly kind of appreciate that sense of humor except that it seems to have been transplanted to her from a large intelligent lizard, and also every now and then someone seems to make the terrifying mistake of taking her at her word.

She’s a thing nobody deserves to have happen to them.

(Why no, we don’t get along. Why do you ask?)

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #2330

There really wasn’t, but thanks.

(Aria Jenneth) #2331

Hee. Okay, sorry.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #2332

I am a bad, and a terrible lowsec pilot. It’s why I have to defend myself so often.

(Teinyhr) #2333

Highsec isn’t scary, it’s bureaucratic. Well ok, I guess it is a little scary.

Still, about that inflated sense of self-importance, 99% of those gankers aren’t after you, and most likely there is a fatter goose they’re interested on anyway on grid. As someone who has spent 90% of ones career in high and low, I’ve been ganked exactly once succesfully in high, and that’s because some dude wanted a Keres off their bucket list, not because it was financially worth it. There have been a couple more tries, but all in all not much over 12 years.

I mean, if you get ganked in high, then you get ganked in high. Don’t worry about it unless you’re particulalry attached to your crews.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #2334

This is less about “self-importance” and more about “ninety-nine of these aren’t after me. Is that one going to be Mister One Hundred?”. It’s not worry, it’s not fear, it’s simply being aware of reality rather than pretending that one guy doesn’t exist or that he doesn’t matter. I myself am constantly being examined and occasionally wardecced by the usual suspects. My associates are scanned every time they leave tradehubs. Whenever they’re actively trading or working the pipelines, I and they watch people die every single day to these people.

So no, it’s not self-importance or worry. It’s just that in places like low and null, we can to various degrees safeguard the space we live in and very often end up far safer than we would be in active highsec areas. An ironic feature of leaving space largely in the hands of capsuleer authorities, but there we are.

(Teinyhr) #2335

Reality is, that mister one hundred is more like mister ten thousand or mister hundred thousand. They exist, they matter, but far less than you make them out to be. Or maybe you or your “friends” just make thrmselves an alluring target, ■■■■ if I know.

Maybe it is that being a small fish has its own perks.

(Arrendis) #2336

‘Self-importance’? 99.999% of those gankers aren’t ‘after’ anyone. They’re waiting for a target of opportunity. I tell you what: next time a hauler gets ganked, you go and tell the families of the crew members how unimportant their loved ones were, because the gankers weren’t ‘after’ them, specifically.

The odds being low in high-sec doesn’t mean ‘low’ isn’t still higher. It doesn’t mean you’re not still jumping more or less blind through those gates, without any of the safeguards or situational awareness common to null. And null pilots tend to be acutely aware of that.

Justifying the shameful lack of security infrastructure in ‘high security’ space by saying ‘oh, well, it’s only happened to me once in 12 years’ seems kinda… self-centered, no? But then, the one who’s yelling at people for an ‘inflated sense of self-importance’ is also the person saying ‘Don’t worry about it unless you’re particulalry attached to your crews.’

(Teinyhr) #2337

I’m not yelling, you are.

Never thought I’d be getting moralistic lectures about lost freighter crews from people who fight for nothing and have killed millions destroying Fortizars and other large stations, etc. But okay. Just let it all out.

Edit: I find this articularly rich coming from either of you, if I happen to use the same nonchalant attitude and lingo as you. I actually avoid putting my, or anyone elses people in danger outside of very specific circumstances, and all my actions reflect that. But come, slap me for the same ■■■■ you do every day, in a gigantic scsle compared to me, offing someones loved ones. Something you don’t even think about while you do it.

Also, don’t be anal about the every day part. Compared to me you might as well.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #2338

Yes, and also if you’re worried about the destruction of/declassification of any goods you may be carrying.

Personally, I’m attached to not having to give death-and-dismemberment payouts and explain to families that even though I made it home, their loved one did not.

Also, Arrendis is correct here:

The more successful gankers I’ve encountered didn’t wait for me to make it to the customs office. Which is great for me, but dumb from their perspective. It tells me that these pilots are after something more generic than isk or goods, and that makes them somewhat more dangerous in their unpredictability.

(Teinyhr) #2339

Sigh. I really need to hire a PR guy.

Gee! Me too!

(Arrendis) #2340

Alright then, if you don’t like ‘yelling at’, then ‘scolding’ work better for you? Because you are, most definitely, doing that, and have been since the ‘fearmongering’ nonsense.

But go on. Tell me again how I and my crews fight for nothing. How logistics cruisers have killed millions. I may be a monster who enables other monsters, but at least I get my facts straight when trying to waggle a finger in someone’s face. Make all the assumptions you like about what I do or don’t think about on campaign. It won’t change the way you feel like you need to get defensive whenever a misstep is pointed out.

They can’t do worse at public image than you’re doing. :+1:

(Deitra Vess) #2341

Doesn’t goonswarm do burn ___ events?