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(Elmund Egivand) #110

No, I’m just stating that I can’t comprehend how you think.

About the same way I can’t comprehend how the Drifter space-time manipulation tech works.

I can stick around you long enough to eventually notice things that shed light on how you tick, but that will require me to stick around you long enough to eventually notice things that shed light on how you tick.

You are reading too much into this.

I should add this to my criticism about you.

(Aria Jenneth) #111

Hee! Sure.

Maybe I can actually explain it, though? But … that leads on to things, and other things …

… I spoke with the Praefecta a while back on maybe starting up something on Achur philosophy, faith, and culture. Maybe I should follow through.

(Arrendis) #112

You two seem to be on-topic for your off-topic topic. I’m not sure if we should tolerate this on-topic discussion! It seems off-topic for the off-topic thread!

(Aria Jenneth) #113

If it’s causing you pain, maybe try a topical anesthetic?

(Arrendis) #114


(Arrendis) #115

So you don’t submit to any authority other than yourself? You don’t adhere to CONCORD’s restrictions? You aren’t a functioning member of society?

Well, that explains a fair amount, I think.

(Arrendis) #116

When this happens in the future, can you let the rest of us know, so we have a chance to see if more people will request that you don’t?

(yellow parasol) #117

Do you actually understand what “obedience” means? What it means to willingly submit ones self to another man’s will?

Nothing you said has any relevance to that. One does not need to submit to CONCORD to accept the fact that they have the most powerful weapons. It’s how it is. That’s not even remotely comparable to submitting ones self to another person, and it’s not different when that person has a fancy title. What i said also doesn’t actually tell you anything about my role, or status, in society, or if i am a “functioning” member or not. You don’t even fully understand the meaning of your own words, do you? You might think you do, but you don’t appear to.

I’m happy for you, if you are one. I know that most people can not live without being replaceable cogs in the system, raised into a mediocre existence. THAT’s a functioning member of society, and if that’s what you are, then that’s good for you. You keep it all working, and that’s important, but you certainly don’t help changing or advancing it.

I don’t know why you had the need to tag me and tell me this, but if it helps you feeling better about yourself, then that’s okay. If you thought i’ll react like you did, and that you can trigger me like i’ve triggered you, then you’re mistaken.

i hope i cleared this up and addressed your post properly. Have a nice day anyway. :slight_smile:

(Arrendis) #118

CONCORD establishes regulations that tell you how you can and cannot behave.

Do you obey or not?

An Amarr Holder has the bigger guns when compared to their slaves.

To be a functioning member of society is to accept many limitations on your actions, your rights, and your agency. It is to submit to the will of the collective in these matters, because cooperation yields greater overall benefits to the average member than competition. If you insist you will never submit to another’s will, then you are insisting that you place your whims over the needs of society. This is not a functioning member of society, it is a parasite, making use of society’s protections and benefits, without truly committing to society’s methods and mutual commitment.

To assert that ‘a functioning member of society’ cannot ‘help changing or advancing [society]’ is patently false and displays a horrible lack of understanding of the obligations of a member of society. One of the most basic obligations is to the common good. As a result, if a member of a society sees a way for that society to improve, to better see to the needs of its members while minimizing the sacrifices required by those members, then that individual is obligated to make every effort to enact those changes. They must advocate, demonstrate, even disrupt if need be, in order to advance the common good.

As for why I ‘tagged’ you: you made an assertion that is patently childish, ridiculous, and insulting to everyone who isn’t an anti-social psychopath living alone in a cave someplace plotting to venture out to rape others to breed.

(Aria Jenneth) #119

Uh … while I liked pretty much everything else you said, Arrendis, I’m not sure activism is quite such an absolute duty as you’re making it sound like?

Societies need quiet people, too.

(yellow parasol) #120

rape. really. what kind of sicko are you?

Your whole post is based on a lack of understanding on how things work. You have no working concept of community, let alone society, beyond “people who do what i do, and what we are supposed to be doing.” You have words and a faint grasp of things, and are stuck in the idea of being someone who “does it right”. You’re mediocre.

Let me help you once. if you keep blasting hot air, i will not bother with you again.

No, they don’t. “Can/-not” implies that they prevent people from behaving in certain ways. Do you understand your own words? They do not keep anyone from doing anything. They do not prevent; they punish. It’s a so called “deterrent”; in case you didn’t know. I’m not convinced you do. in no way or form is CONCORD capable of telling me how i can behave.

it’s the threat of violence, which is meant to deterr people from doing certain things. just like being tagged as “suspect” is a deterrent, meant to discourage people from doing certain other things.

They can not tell anyone how to behave, because they do not have the means to do so. All they have is politics, media, regulations and people like you. They do not define a boundary for behaviour, but they will shoot you down when you go berserk! They have the bigger weapons; that’s just how it is! if losing some sec and some stuff bothers you, then you haven’t yet really figured out how “immortality” works!

Do you need proof, or will you look up the regulations yourself? Everyone is free to do whatever the ■■■■ he wants, and this doesn’t even have anything to do with being a “functioning member”.

We’re not talking about the same thing, and i apologize for being inaccurate. You’re right. But will he help?

A fully functioning member of society lives in a reality, where life only exists within this society. he gets born into it, walks the path politics/his elders present him, works a job, finds a mate, breeds and dies eventually. Baseliners, at least. that’s how it works. life. he’s just a system within a bigger system, and he’s usually not confronted with the idea of questioning said system. Society. Civilization itself, if you want.

it’d be like asking an Amarrian why he believes in what he believes. he’ll give you one or more reasons, but he will not question the act of believing itself. pointing it out usually causes anger and irrational, knee jerkish behaviour.

tl;dr: it’s too meta. he can not help, he will only endlessly argue and spread hot air.
People reject things they don’t understand… which leads to the last, the actually burning, part:

Your analogy stinks.

I’m a capsuleer. Slaves aren’t.
Slavers have weapons. Slaves don’t.
Slavers prevent. CONCORD doesn’t.

  • I’ll bet you a billion isk that there is not a single capsuleer out there in space, whom CONCORD prevents from anything the ■■■■ he wants to do. CONCORD can set up behavioural regulations all the ■■■■ they want, they don’t have the means for forcing anyone to follow them.

  • it’s called a sociopath, not a psychopath. you’re the (toothless) psychopath, and i can’t say i’m sure that you’re aware of the difference!

In summary, with that mindset of yours, it’s no surprise i thought you’re amarrian!

If you have nothing of substance to say, please reconsider tagging me again. your intellectual poverty is absolutely offensive. you’re a cog. there are lots of other people, who will love exchanging hot air with you, no matter how far from reality it actually is.

Please respect the fact that i’ve put actual time into trying to put some knowledge and understanding in your opinion-laden, instinct driven mind.

Have a nice day anyway. :slight_smile:

(Arrendis) #121

So you’re capable of targeting the Interbus and other baseliner commercial traffic that departs from stations all over high-sec every day? Let’s just start with that. Edit to clarify and add: CONCORD’s the authority that sets the specifications for your sensors and targeting systems. You can’t even see most baseliner traffic… because CONCORD says you’re not allowed to.

When’s the last time a capsuleer bounced between jumpclones in different stations twice in five hours? I can tell you straight up, we’ve wanted to. Guess who sets the limitations on jumpclone activation. Want proof it’s technically possible? Go to a citadel. Bounce between jumpclones thirty of forty times in an hour. That’s not because it’s the same facility. Fluid routers don’t have a problem transferring a full infomorph a hundred light years in an instant, after all.

So what prevents capsuleers from doing it whenever they want? CONCORD regulations.

Where’s the billion?

(Arrendis) #122

Not for nothing, Aria, but you’d basically have to have that view, wouldn’t you? After all, if activism is an absolute duty, then it’s one you’re failing.

(Aria Jenneth) #123

Maybe. If so, it’s along with most people.

But then, you’ve recently decided humanity as a species deserves to die, yes? … Which seems a little self-defeating, and I’m not at all sure you’re serious about it … but …

(Valerie Valate) #124

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(Omega Jovakko) #126

I couldn’t think of anything creative, I think your face is beautiful, I didn’t take that thread seriously.

No hard feelings <3

(Jev North) #127

Since we’re digressing into general macroeconomics rather than the Achura situation:

I imagine the main factor is that return on investment in your arcology’s infrastructure scales about linearly, whereas leasing colonization rights to a bunch of homesteaders costs you next to nothing, pays for even that much over a fraction of the term of the lease, and, if successful, grows into a giant future market.

(Jev North) #128

I think it speaks well of you that you interpret what I’m on about all the time as sarcasm; although I’m not entirely sure why.

(Valerie Valate) #129

What in all the names of God do you mean by probably ?