Offensive/Defensive Targeting Flag

The idea is flag you can set on a target object which prevents use of an offensive module (EG you are flying with a squad Damaviks and want to rep your buddy without accidentally hitting him with your Entropic Disintegrator (or your Aggressive Drones attack someone trying to rep you)

Yeah fleet discipline is just too hard to manage and gives people an unfair advantage. The game needs to make it harder to make mistakes.

OK , so your comment boils down to “Back in my day there was no warp to zero, Kids today have it easy!”
Got it Grandpa.

Hardly, warp to zero added very little and was little more than needless tedium.

What your asking for is the inability to make a mistake. Many engagements are decided because one side makes a critical error or a series of minor errors that the other side manages to capitalize on before they are corrected.

Things like this are the reason a small group of skilled/experienced pilots can win engagements against blobs several times their size.

It’s not about “back in my day” it’s about not further pushing the game towards n+1 and ensuring the individual pilot has an effect on the fight for the good or the bad.


Lol wrote that wrong. I meant warping 15km off added very little.

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