Offering a contract assignation


Yeah thats either going to be way too much or not enough. Have you seen the CODE. Bounty thread 2020 in Crime and Punishment channel?

This channel as it happens?

Hey, they just want to play. How dare you not like the way they play?

Five billion ISK? That’s beacoup munny…

/me starts slowly loading shotgun with titanium core slugs

Sorry Aiko, everything has a price. I’ll give you a head start…



No how dare they not like how i choose to play and then break the law themselves by ganking people in high sec space

Probably cant even name the law they broke

They are roleplaying as criminals. It’s fine to offer a bounty on them as more said roleplay, but don’t treat this as a broken aspect of the game or CCP failing to do their job - this is an intended and allowed playstyle. EVE has been actively marketed as a world where players can be the ‘bad guys’ and ‘break the (in-character) law’.

I suggest checking out the The Great 2020 CODE Hunt ( 4B+ in Bounties Paid-out so far!) thread to see how another player has gone about successfully placing bounties on CODE. for some ideas on how to manage your own offer and limit risk of being scammed out of your funds by collaborators.


And how do you intend to prove this in a game where alts are common? And even if it was not the case, many people would just go and reach an agreement to provide with you a killmaill and a corpse for such an amount. It’s a few months worth of playtime for PLEXers.

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So, who exactly is this leader?



Oh okay!
Well I’m sorry, but I’m not that kind of guy.


Like I said there is a process I am not broadcasting this information for just anyone to abuse like the reason we have seen CCP remove the bounty office… When I enter into a contract having vetted the bounty hunter/assassin they alone will be told the leaders name and all his/her crew …

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as you can see from the in game bounty hunter list i am a renowned bounty hunter of some note, and i offer myself for your contract. Send me the names of the miscreants and i will hunt them and kill them.


He is a vouched for member of the community

Yes it probably is worth a few months play time for some plexers as you say but the amount is an incentive to get what I want done and teach these idiots not to mess around with me… They were warned I would get someone else to do my dirty work as an act of complete revengence for their crimes that CCP is not acting on… How I spend my ISK is my affair and the amount I have earnt entirely on my own profits not anything like plex selling either just trading, manufacturing, and mining of ores… Apart from that I sell or use scrap items from rats to make things…

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Why is he so smol tho smol

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maybe he is a jockey ?

Thats fair.

Fearless wee fellas they are

though in the character creator photo bit they need a stool selection so the shorter folk can stand on it and reach the camera


@Aaaarrgg I will be in touch later in game and message you from there as there does not appear to be a private message facility on this forum …

This is gonna be good…


No one pointed out that there is actually subforum with threads made by people who are interested in doing this stuff. As far as I remember those guys used to be called Mercenaries. They’ll kill people for money.

Sounds insanely practical when you’re looking for people who will kill others for money!