[Official] CSM 18 Member update!

Greetings capsuleers.

As announced on the Meta Show just a short while ago, CSM 18 member Mark Resurrectus will be stepping down from the CSM in good standings. Mark has been an instrumental figure during his tenure, contributing immensely to the council’s efforts and the broader EVE community. While we’re sad to see him go, we’re happy to welcome CCP Jotunn into the CCP family :smiley:

Though CSM 18 are just past midway through their term, we will not be replacing Mark on the Council. This decision is driven by two primary factors. First, most of the the core decisions for the upcoming expansion have been made, and I was not confident that a new member would be able to have a significant enough of an impact. Likewise, the remaining 11 members of CSM 18 are amongst the strongest and most well-rounded groups we’ve had the pleasure working with, whose area of expertise aligns great with the direction of the next two expansions.

Fly safe, and we’ll be chatting again soon™ with CSM meeting minutes which we are planning to release in April.

CCP Swift


So is mark now ccp jotunn?


Congratulations Mark :slight_smile:


Congratulations Mark!

Leaving a hole to go to an island?


Congratulations CCP Jötunn, welcome to the team. Looks forward to working with you.


Thank you everyone! My sincerest gratitude to everyone on the CCP Community Team and all the CSM I’ve had the pleasure of working with - it’s been a distinct honor, I cannot say it enough.

Shoutout to CCP Overload specifically without whom I would’ve never considered this path possible. Thank you so much!


Congratulations Mark! YOU DESERVE THIS :slight_smile:


Congrats, broski. Going to miss you on the show, but I look forward to working with you.


So is the CSM a place for CCP to poach talent for their ranks? :smiley:

Gratz to Mark!


Calm down miner.


He’s already in his bathrobe, we don’t want him getting even more laid back!


I shall submit a bug report whenever I see it spelled Jotunn and not Jötunn.

Going to missing you on the CSM buddy, good luck with your exciting new path.

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Rest in Piss CCP Bathrobe.

Congrats on the move Mark, I look forward to continuing to mock you everywhere we interact! :laughing:

(I will in fact mock you more, as most of the Community Team can attest)

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Congratz on getting to CCP Mark

Looking forward for the meeting minutes

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