Oh Dear ! Someone Put A Pillar In The Way

How does my Praxis get past that post on the left ? It doesn’t…the docking animation shows the spar of my Praxis going right through it…

Ooops ! Whoever re-designed the stations didn’t think of that.


I can remove it for a billion isk.

@Mr_Epeen said it’s ok.

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I could always claim for a new Praxis due to the emotional distress caused by losing my no claims bonus.

I don’t care about that, I just want the isk.

It’s a flexi antenna.

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It is an optical illusion, try playing the game sober.

No…it isn’t. I’ve watched it from several angles and the spar of the Praxis actually goes through the pillar as the ship docks.

Ok, Well now that is settled its time for a drinky and some others stuff that matters. Thanks for setting me straight with all the story.

So either the station needs changed or the stupid looking Praxis with all it stupid sticky out bits needs changed.

I vote change the stupid Praxis, snap off those bits.


If it is that much an issue, consider the Praxis rotated 90 degrees, went past the antenna / pillar, then rotated those 90 degrees back into the starting position.

Actually it would not even have to rotate 90 degrees, considering the position of the Praxis’ side and the antenna height.

Another alternative is the Praxis flew past the antenna, above it, and then flew down into that position.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure CCP could easily code it so that when ships enter the bay, they actually fly over to the docking platform and then lower themselves down onto it.

And when leaving, have the ships first rise up from the docking platform and then fly out of the bay.

That way immersion into this virtual reality would be saved and that antenna would be nothing to worry about…

The pillar is holographic, the stations project them for style but they are just projections, not physical objects.

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Bro I was how does it even go through that gap before hand?

Good explanation, definitely helps keep the immersion going that New Eden is a virtual reality set in a futuristic Sfi-Fi environment…

You want the guys who show ships still emitting thruster when decelerating to do something sensible ?

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