Oh look another Gila, Since I have returned I see limited ships in space

Not hating on the Gila, but I have returned from 4 years ago I see this ship everywhere in highsec.

I have not done a statistical analysis (at least not yet) but most and I mean at least 50% or more of the pilots I see are flying these drone boats. In the past, there was definitely more optimal ships to fly for missions, etc, but there was always a variety of ships in the skies. Now I feel I see the same 4 ships (mostly Gila) everywhere.

Has CCP stopped balancing ships in recent years? I am not advocating for a Gila nerf, but it would be nice to see other ships.

I know this is different in null because ships always fit different roles, but god is the PVE realm dominated by a small ship count now

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CCP is heavily invested in Gilas. The Gila has more SKINs being released than any other ship. You wouldn’t want to nerf that kind of action.


Two things…

  1. in HiSec - you’re never going to see most ship types with any frequency in HiSec, since there’s no need for them

  2. you may want to roam around more. I’d say, of the non-industrials I see, Gilas account for less than 10% of them.

I addressed this in my main post stating i know it is only highsec but still it is a bit silly

still though 10% everywhere is still obscene considering all the ships to pull from

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Gilas are just a good balance for PvE, so you see a lot. Selectable damage, passive regen or active tank options, cruiser size so mobile.

Just because you see it a lot doesn’t mean it needs to be nerfed. Hope that helps.

I specifically said i am not advocating for a nerf…

did you even read my post

looking at post history you are a big advocate for that ship

Best cruiser Alphas can fly, ideal for Abyssal Sites or escalations. You can take some Salvage Drones with you and deploy after a PvE encounter is over. Like the Praxis, another boat designed for Alphas to get into quick and enjoy content.

Yeah, they’re all over the place. A bow to instant gratification for sure. As another poster mentioned, CCP is rakin’ it in selling skins. Far cry from the requisite long, long grind everyone had to endure when I started in 2007. Getting into a top-notch cruiser took years.

I often take a HAC or other Faction cruiser to make things more interesting, but if I just want to get things done quickly, Gila is the bomb.


I think it’s just a factor that Gila has a lot of flexibility and as a cruiser fits a lot of different content. Not always as the ‘best’ ship for the job but it has more builds that fit more content than most other ships.

There may be tasks where the Cynabal is best, or the Ashimmu, or the Orthrus… but Gila is generally good enough to get the job done. It’s been ‘good enough’ for a long time, so a robust supply chain has developed for it which keeps prices reasonable. That plus Alphas can fly it, and it’s effective even with lower SP and player experience, makes it popular for a wide range of players.

I recall about 3 years ago when everywhere I went in high sec and a fair number of places in low, everyone was in a Tengu, Legion, or Machariel. Then new content (and Alphas) came along and a lot of ship choices started to change. Gila is just in that sweet spot of available, affordable, accessible and effective that makes it very common these days.


You implied it, dear. Your reason for it was “i see it a lot”.
If you want to see more ships, be the change you wish to be in the world and use more ships. Everyone else will just play the game they way they want.

You must have done some intense digging to try and find that one time I talked about Gilas for T5 Exotic abyssals.

Gilas were actually nerfed sometime last year IIRC.

true i looked into it they nerfed the drone hit points but nothing about dps which is the main problem I percieve

I haven’t noticed any more gila’s than usual. I think you just ran across a gila fan club or a gila-head gathering.

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No the main problem is krabs

All your ore are belong to us!

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Alphas can no longer use T2 medium drones thus reduced dps.

the gila is the key to the new triglavian region they are introducing soon.

Djonu is used to digging. he’s a grave digger.

The Gila is a ■■■■■■■■ Overpowered non-effort carebear machine, “balanced” on purpose by carebear DEVS to give braindead players something to make up for their lack of effort and braincells.

Compared to any other faction or pirate cruiser it’s hilariously out of whack. So yes if it’s used a lot it’s too good, QED.

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